Exploiting You: Cinderella Deal $1.99


Bantam is doing a promotion for the digital edition of  The Cinderella Deal at $1.99.  I only checked Amazon, but it should be everywhere online.  Yes, I’ll put up a real post later, I swear.  

This has been an exploitation post by Jennifer Crusie.  

18 thoughts on “Exploiting You: Cinderella Deal $1.99

  1. If this is exploitation of the Argh followers- it is all good with me! I think at this point I have almost all of your books in both paperback or hardback, and on my kindle. Think I am 2 short on my kindle so these announcements are always appreciated. Also I can pass the announcements on to the rest of my family so they can continue to build up their kindle libraries.

  2. I figure any time I put anything on here that directly leads to me making money off you all, you need an exploitation warning.

  3. Book I’m currently reading, doggie on the cover, cute doggie.
    Recommend the book. Enjoyable.

  4. The Cinderella DeL is my comfort read. When life is falling apart, or I am, it’s where I go to. I have it in paperback and on Kindle.

  5. Oh my goodness, someone on Amazon is selling a new hardcover version of this book for over $700!

    Thanks for the deal, though. This was my first book of yours and I especially love books about painters 🙂

  6. Must be just a US deal as Amazon Canada has it for 13.99. Also, the highest price for a used copy is over 1100 bucks. Wow.

    1. I love so many of Jenny’s books, but the two biggest go-to’s when I need cheering up are Bet Me and Cinderella Deal. Both give me a great warm and fuzzy. I’m on my second copy of both of them, because I read the first copies literally to shreds…

  7. I don’t have this one! (But I do now.)

    I knew I’d buy it no matter what, but out of curiosity, I wondered when I’d have hit the buy button if I didn’t know anything about the author.

    Answer: It was a one-two punch on the first page as Linc describes Daisy: “Stories told … Unreal but Not Untrue.” (!!!) And “She looked like somebody from Little House on the Prairie on acid.” *one clicks*


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