Cherry Saturday, March 31, 2018

Today is Bunsen Burner Day.  Before you scoff, how many of you have used a Bunsen Burner?  That’s right, all of us who survived high school science.  
We can thank Robert Bunsen for those nifty little torches, and I for one am grateful.  Not the least because it also gave us this:


22 thoughts on “Cherry Saturday, March 31, 2018

  1. I feel like there should be an image which shows a chemistry beaker + a Bunsen burner = Beaker with his head on fire. Maybe it’s just me.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and a glorious Easter!

  2. Ugh, once again I am up way too early on a Saturday when I don’t want to be or need to be. FEH. Feh, I say. This combination of being a natural night owl and a fucked up early bird whose body thinks it’s a work day and it’s time to check the alarm so I don’t sleep through it sucks donkey balls.

    Now I am watching something called “Drunk Broadway: Mamma Mia:”

    In other news, I have discovered the joys of the professional laundromat that has giant washers that washed literally every sheet I own in one load. I live in a complex with washers/dryers but I always run out of quarters after doing the clothes and towels, so the hamper is perennially filled with sheets I never wash. I had to basically clean house because it is Easter weekend and Mom’s coming over and I was out of sheets, and hoo boy, did it make it easier to have a giant washer that took a credit card. Mom loves to nag me about how I am not constantly doing wash the way she always is, but if she had to find $1.75 per load in quarters every time, she’d save it up too. It’s really sad that I had the day off from work yesterday and I could not come up with anything better to do than get groceries and do laundry for hours, incidentally. Well, that and knit and read.

    I am going to be performing at a storytelling event tonight. Should be interesting…

    1. You know they have an apartment washer & dryer, right? The washer hooks up to your kitchen sink faucet and they both run on regular plug-ins…. The was the BEST income tax refund I’ve ever spent! Granted, it’s not going to be as roomy as a regular washer, but you don’t have to go anywhere to do your laundry. I loved, loved, loved, loved, loved mine! 🙂

      1. I just got one of those. Haven’t used it yet because, like Jennifer, I love the laundromat for quilts and sheets. I have tons, so I do linen laundry twice a year. It’s a hellish three hours, but it’s only twice a year (fourteen dryers going at once).

        Now I have to learn to set up that little washer and see how it works. Krissie told me they were great, too.

        1. I’m amazed you’re all using laundrettes. I remember the washing machines my American cousins had were strangely old-fashioned – and Land’s End told me once to ignore their ‘dry clean only’ labels, which were intended for the US market, where the washing machines were much cruder.

          I was burgled a couple of years after moving into my flat in London – I’d’ve been 25 – and bought a vacuum cleaner and a washing machine with the insurance money. Made life a lot easier. Never had a tumble drier: I prefer a clothesline (or clothes-rack in the winter).

  3. I am not a happy camper today. I’ve been up since five o-freaking-clock, when I realized there was a problem that would take about ten hours of drudgery to fix, and it’s not my job, but the person whose job it is wouldn’t do it, and I care more about the end result than about making her look bad for not doing it, so I’m spending today doing ten hours of looking up and keying in zip codes.

    I would rather be doing science experiments.

  4. I was not good at chemistry in HS. Every time there was the sound of breaking glass, everyone (including the teacher) turned to look at me. 9 times out of 10, they were right. Sigh.

    Helped out with a different kind of chemistry today when I officiated at a wedding (a small elopement of a sweet couple, along with three friends, and the couple’s two unbelievably adorable small children) with a Pagan flavor. (Yes, I can legally marry people. Don’t anyone tell my chemistry teacher.)

    Also took two of the new kittens to an emergency vet visit first thing (before performing said wedding–oy) due to dreadful diarrhea in both and repeated vomiting in one. (Harry Dresden and Ember, for those playing along on Facebook.) I had really been hoping that with new “healthy” cats, I wouldn’t have an emergency vet visit for at least a year. Oh, well.

    1. I forgot to mention, lest people worry, the kittens seem to be okay. The vet thinks it is the result of the deworming meds they got 2 1/2 weeks ago. Ember still isn’t eating well, though, even with an anti-nausea shot and fluids.

      1. Ember ate this morning, so that’s good. The poop…still well, the stuff of nightmares. My poor babies. I feel like I poisoned them. (Yes, for their own good, but still.)

  5. Today I transplanted one shrub, planted 4 new shrubs, potted up 6 ranunculus and my potatoes are growing. I am so grateful to have the energy for this.

    1. I looked it up. The OED says the origin was in the twenties. But when I use it, I’m quoting Beaker.

  6. I can barely even remember the bunsen burner days. Ugh. I’m not sure legitimately passed any of those classes.Which is to say I’m not sure how I did.

    Back to writing. I only have about 400 more words and then I’m caught up to where I was supposed to be two weeks ago! thank goodness for understanding… clients.

    If I’m a ghostwriter is my client the ghostwritee?


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