We Apologize Ahead of Time . . .

The electric company has done the neighborhood the favor of giving us a head’s up that since another apocalyptic snowstorm is headed our way, we’ll probably lose power.  In their defense, I chose to live in Upper Nowhere surrounded by trees that fall on power lines, and they’re doing the best they can.  But boy howdy am I tired of this.  OTOH, I have plenty of firewood, food that does not need to be heated to eat, lots of bottled water, and three small but warm-blooded dogs to keep me warm at night.  I’m covered.  And more to the point, so are you: I have Working Wednesday, Good Book Thursday, Cherry Saturday and Happiness Sunday all scheduled to post automatically.  This is just to tell you that if you don’t see me participating, it’s because winter has once again kneecapped my internet.  Grrrrr.

22 thoughts on “We Apologize Ahead of Time . . .

  1. Apparently I was a bit prescient when I chose “be prepared” for my 2018 motto! I’m hunkering down for another storm too.

  2. I can’t believe we’re being walloped again! I’ve learned to charge my Kindles/Nook/phone/laptop and put my work on a thumb disc–because it never goes the way I think it’ll go. In 1 storm we lost power, in another we lost internet…so now I’m prepared for all eventualities!

    1. I have back-up batteries for everything, but if it goes out for a week again, I’m back at MacDonald’s. Grrrr.

        1. No. I won’t go out until tomorrow anyway, and they plow the roads all night. It’ll be fine tomorrow, once I dig the car out. And the highs are in the forties all week, so there’ll be a quick melt wherever I’ve shoveled, so I just have to keep shoveling.

  3. Really hope this is the last one for all of you, and that you don’t lose power.

    I saw my first lambs this afternoon, and the primroses are starting. Fingers crossed, spring is here to stay – and coming to you soon.

    1. JaneB, I’m very happy to hear that. I’ll be in England and Wales in next week. Coming from such a load of snow that the snowdrops never appeared this winter, I would really love to think that lambs and primroses are in my future.

  4. And this, along with being tired of cold feet for months on end, is why I moved to Las Vegas where I can hike in a light jacket most of the winter. If you can’t stand it any more, come stay with me (as soon as I can close on this interminable short sale). You can bring the dogs if they fly well.

  5. Hope the power stays on and you and the dogs stay warm.

    When I get the electric bill in August, I hate the heat, but every snow storm I hear about elsewhere makes me appreciate Arizona’s weather.

  6. Good luck with it all.

    It’s after 2am on 21 March and I woke up for no obvious reason. So I’m running updates on midnight cheaper data. Our service providers are hamstrung by the limited range of frequencies the government allows for data transfers so we have pretty high costs.

    Today is a public holiday, Human Rights Day, which is in memory of the Sharpeville massacre. A terrible event in our history.

    I’m going to catch up on reading and do some de-hoard get. After I get some more sleep.

  7. I was all ready for another snow day (I need to finish some work) but it passed us by entirely so I had to go to work. But as I’m going to be in a rental car, and they never put snow tires on rental cars, I’m thankful it didn’t bring more snow.

    today I overslept and was fifteen minutes late for work. Not too bad, but not my best start to a very busy day. Then I remembered I didn’t turn down the damper on the fire, and one of the dogs hadn’t wanted to go out before I left so I rushed home to take care of that and take some headache meds because work gives me the most horrendous headaches.

    I had to restart the fire because, of course, it had burned itself out. I sat in a wingback chair waiting for it to catch and promptly FELL ASLEEP! I got back to work after an hour and a half and I’d said I’d be thirty minutes. My coworkers were about to start calling the hospitals. (Not really, but it sounds so much more dramatic than they were going to start texting me.)

    After all that, I forgot to turn down the damper after I woke up from my impromptu nap and I had to start it AGAIN when I got home later. This house gets COLD when the fire goes out. (We do have baseboard heating to keep the pipes from freezing, but it really doesn’t keep the house warm enough on its own.

  8. So yesterday my husband got the call that the new generator was in (our first one is 25 yrs old). Like a kid in a candy store off we went to pick it up. He dropped me off at Michaels the craft store because I found a gift card in my handbag – good things. I was thinking, Jenny, when you wrote about getting a backup system of your own it would be a good idea. For one thing if I had to set up the generator myself I wouldn’t be able to move the refrigerator to get to the plug in back on the wall. Today the schools are getting out two hours early probably because of the tide. With two schools in my area and the tide coming in around the time they normally get out the roadway could be impacted. Better safe than sorry. Stay warm

  9. The thing is, it’s snow. Damn snow. On the vernal equinox. Sapping optimism with irony. 🙁

  10. You came from Southern Ohio and moved to North Jersey so your winter is much worse than you had back in Ohio. I moved from Northeast Ohio ( I grew up in Chardon. Which gets an avg of 8 feet a year ) to South Jersey, I thought I moved to Miami! As the tv people keep talking about the “storm” I keep thinking it’s just snowing people this isn’t a storm!!!

    1. Strangely enough, I’m on almost the same latitude, definitely in the same growing zone.
      I grew up in Central Ohio which is flat as a pancake and cold as hell. NJ is vastly better. Of course, in central Ohio, I lived in a small town with a dad who shoveled the walk. I think a lot of it is climate change; it’s not the snow, I’m used to that and know how to deal with it. It’s the crazy winds that knock out the power and the ups and downs. The snow’s over and it’s 41 out there, going to be highs in the 40s and 50s all week. I just shoveled snow in a short-sleeved dress. It’s nuts.


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