Working Wednesday: March 14, 2018

By now you’ve probably read that ReFab is shutting down because Krissie and I are swamped.  But I’ve moving Happiness Sundays and Working Wednesdays over here so all is not lost.  Actually, nothing is lost; ReFab is still over there to read the old posts, we’re just not posting there any more after Krissie’s good-bye on Sunday.

For those of you new to Working Wednesday,, the plan is to talk about something we’ve made on Wednesdays, and if we want pix with that, we post on Instagram using the hashtag #WorkingWednesdayPix.  “Made” includes fiber crafts, painting and drawing, collage, baking, cooking, writing, gardens, fires, messes, and trouble.  Pictures are not necessary, so don’t stress about Instagram. Continue reading