So We Had A Storm . . .

. . . and I have no power so I have no internet and it’s going to be awhile.  Worst case scenario, a week.

That smell in the background is French fry grease; I’m at McDonald’s, using their internet which is slow.  Things aren’t too dire except for no heat and light, but I’ve been here before.  It’s the no internat that’s KILLING me.

You’re on your own for awhile, Argh People.  The rumor is that it’s going to be out for a week.

And now the electric people say Monday at 5.  Thank god my diner has WiFi, except this is the road to the diner:

Have a nice time without me.


MONDAY UPDATE: Still no power.  Big storm coming on Wednesday.  I am not happy but I am okay.  Carry on, Argh People.