Old Stories, New Glasses

An article in yesterday’s Washington Post talks about the “new glasses” effect: watching favorite old movies through the news lens of #MeToo.  It’s something I’ve been dealing with lately in my reading, something I’m trying to deal with in my own work.  The problem is partly the difference between “It was a product of its time” and “It’s a product of a time that was toxic and is therefore now unacceptable,”  but it’s more than that, too, especially for writers. Continue reading

Cherry Saturday, February 24, 2018

February is Hot Breakfast Month.  I hate February but I love breakfast, so I’m torn.  It’s sort of like Reno.  I hated Reno except I could get breakfast any time of the day or night; Reno never closes and the casinos serve breakfast 24/7.  I think this idea should go national, not Reno, the 24/7 breakfast.  Eggs of any kind, pancakes, waffles . . . wait, that’s iHop.  Where was I? Continue reading

This Is A Good Book Thursday: Freezing Rain Edition

It snowed.  Then it rained.  Now we have two days of freezing temps day and night.  Nope, not going out in that, I’ll just sit here and read.  Currently trying to decide if I want to spent $17* on an e-book.  It’s the latest Ian Rutledge, and those are very well written although I have some issues with them, probably due to having binged eighteen of them in ten days, but $17 buys a lot of yarn.  On the other hand, freezing rain.  Hmmmm.

What are you reading?

*I was wrong, that was the hardcover.  The e-book is $12.99.


If It’s Not Working, Stop Doing It

I’m admitting defeat.  I cannot get Nita into four acts as per my usual plan.  I have diagrammed and sliced and diced and it’s not working.  As Einstein supposedly said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  I am not getting different results.  So the rest of this post is me brainstorming how to do this differently.  This is serious business; there is graph paper involved.  

Continue reading

Cherry Saturday, Feb. 1, 2018

February is Bird-Feeding Month.

I love bird feeders but we’re not supposed to have them because of bears.  (I remember visiting Pat Gaffney once, and watching her yell out at the window at a huge black bear that was snacking on her bird feeder.  The bear ignored her, which isn’t easy to do with Pat.)   I keep thinking if I can hang  a feeder high enough on the house away from trees (we have a lot of trees), maybe it would work and I could watch the birds again, but bears climb, and the idea of waking up and seeing a bear looking in my bedroom window while he snacks is not attractive.   And then, of course, there are the squirrels.

Feed the birds because I can’t.  Thank you.

(It’s also Library Lovers Month, but that’s pretty much all year round here, so I went with the birds.)

The early bird gets the earworm:




Ignore Phil

It’s Groundhog Day and Punxsutawney Phil has seen his shadow, which in theory is six more weeks of winter.   But it turns out, there are groundhogs that disagree and predict an early spring.      Including one guy who bit a journalist, which I would also do if I were a groundhog on February 2.  So there is reason to hope.  (Mostly I just wanted to post this picture.)

And now I must go watch the best movie Bill Murray ever made.  (Yes, it’s better than Caddyshack.)