Welp, that’s Christmas for me.  I was braced for another blow to my belief in my country and by damn . . . .  2018 just got a tiny bit brighter.   

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  1. My aunt and I were watching the returns for most of the evening and I knew Doug Jones was going to lose… so I went home. Took the dogs out. Came back. Checked out the Washington Post.

    I have never been so happy to be wrong since November 2008.

    Thank you, Alabama.

    1. I know. I left the computer and did real life things because I couldn’t take another Trump-wins-again, but the black turn-out evidently saved the day, so special thanks to black voters in Alabama. Very chuffed right now.

  2. Had the 538 live blog and NYT Upshot results up at work tonight. I was cautiously hopeful about this since it seemed to be pretty much tied over the past few days. The election result and the truly delicious Vietnamese take-out almost made up for the massive computer problem at the office.

  3. I’m surprised. Was very pessimistic and worried. Because American aid and trade agreements affect very basic policy worldwide. Republican policy facilitated the Aids pandemic here.

    I’m hoping that what this means is that the ‘extinction event’ that Jenny mentioned before the presidential election is happening now.

  4. I was prepared for a Moore victory, so when I started seeing the news on my Facebook feed I was amazingly relieved.

    The demographic breakdown of voters was not inspiring. White voters did not vote for Jones in any great numbers. Alabama is saved in this case by the black voters.

  5. Thank you, fifty percent of Alabama!

    And thank you, black women. That group voted 98 percent for Jones (compared to the something like 65 percent of white women who voted for Moore.)

    Of course, before I get too filled with hope and rainbows, there are people like Jeff Flake out there to bring me back to reality. He had the audacity to tweet “decency wins” as if we don’t know he voted for that shameful tax bill.

    Okay, that’s pretty bitter given that the win in Alabama truly does have me buoyant.

    1. Yep, black women for the win.
      The percentage of white women who voted for Moore is appalling. There were a lot of interviews with people who said, “Those women are lying.” Yeah, and so are all the people (male and female) who remember Moore being banned from the mall, and all the corroboration from people who were told at the time and . . .

    2. On the other hand, mothers of all races with children under 18 went for Jones in a big way.

      60% of voters under 44 voted for Jones.

      Yes, the African American vote was crucial but other groups are doing their part as well.

  6. I was so happy to see the news this morning. Let me tell you that is not usually the case. Though I still must agree with Carol’s comment that faith has not been fully restored yet… Thank goodness for the black vote. I find the statistics on the white woman vote, especially the ones without a college degree depressing. Especially
    as that statistic would have me as a Republican voter and someone that would have voted for Moore- have to remember statistics never tell the entire story!

  7. I was afraid Moore would win, so I purposely did not follow the election results last night. I wish there was a way to send thanks to the people of Alabama for going out to vote and making a difference for all of us. I would also like to thank them for sending a message to those woman who had the courage to put their private lives out there for the world to see. Women of courage and honesty should not be ignored or denigrated, by anyone.

  8. Woohoo Alabamaa! I am so glad to be wrong.

    It sounds like Jones won’t be seated until early Jan. 2018, so Strange is still filling the seat until then.

    1. Yes, but McConnell assured me in 2016 that any significant decisions like Supreme Court nominees or major tax overhauls should wait on the results of the next election.

      So I’m sure he’s going to delay until Doug Jones is seated.


      1. McConnell is going to rot in hell for that one alone. Watching him hold all the reins of government and not being able to control it is as good as watching Roy Moore try to ride a horse.

  9. I know, I really need to stop coming out of faithful lurkerdom only to share sad news, especially on a post celebrating very good news . . . but I thought some of the old-timers over here would want to know that Scope (Scope Dope Cherry Bomb), who was mother to CMS (Cherry Magic Sheryl) and a dear friend to so many of us, passed away on Sunday the 10th. Jenny, I know it was a highlight of her life to meet you and Bob at the book signing in Dayton. She was such a devoted fan.

    Scope was a remarkable woman and those of us who kept in touch over the years will miss her horribly.

    KDJ (aka BCB)

    1. The reason that Trump keeps citing Chicago as the seat of all evil is because (at least in the district where I live) I don’t have a Republican representative. And I know damn well that the 3 people I voted for will never back a plan that gives tax relief only to the rich and increases the deficit.

  10. The thing about the GOP in these times that makes me crazy and furious and baffled all at once is trying to understand just what country they think they are creating with their awful policies. These are people who were able to become rich and/or powerful because of the strength of the society they have benefited from and are now despoiling. If the citizens are all poor, hungry, sick and uneducated, there will be no consumers, which is what pure capitalists reduce us humans to.

    And yes, thank goodness for the hard workers in Alabama who brought this victory, black women especially. I do think we can turn this around in the next few years.

    1. I was stunned, stunned, stunned yesterday morning when my sister said, “Jones won.”

      I’ve started thinking of the GOP as “Gross Old Pervert-protectors.” I think they want to take us back to the 50s…the 1850s.


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