47 thoughts on “Cherry Saturday, Dec. 30, 2017

  1. Happy New Year’s Eve Eve everyone 🙂

    Wishing you contentment, joy and creativity (in the form of your choice).

  2. Bloom County’s return was the highlight of 2017! (Unless it was in 2016, but I think it was this year.)

    Best wishes and bucketloads of happinuts to all the Cherries and their loved ones in the new year.

  3. Yesterday we had to make the sad decision to help Lady Emmaline Rumblefuzz Blackmoore go gracefully into the good night. Through which I’m sure she is already tearing around, hunting squeaky balls and ALL THE KITTIES. She was a large/giant breed mix, and had a good long run full of treats and snuggles and squeaky toys and love, but dammit dammit dammit. So yeah, we’ll be glad to see 2017 completely in the rear view mirror.

    May 2018 be so much better for everybody in all the ways that 2017 wasn’t.

    1. I’m so sorry about Emma, Kari. I’m sure she had an amazing life with you. Here’s hoping that 2018 doesn’t suck balls the way 2017 did.

      Lots of New Year’s eve eve love to everyone.

  4. So happy to find this blog, thread, whatever. I thought I read all things Crusie but just discovered “Tell Me Lies”, an oldie and goodie. Also recently lost Gigi cat, and last year, Zoe both of whom I rescued from the streets of Hartford, CT. I felt very alone and sad so rescued Bix, named after Bix Biederbeck, a great jazz musician of the 30’s. Looking forward, with hope, to more things Crusie.

      1. Thanks to all of you for your kind reception. It is a bit of warmth in this very cold Connecticut winter. People say I would miss the snow and my reply, “there are plenty of pictures.”

    1. Years ago I had a neighbor who is a jazz musician and composer and his dog was named Bix for the same reason. My cat Harley would climb through their kitchen window and share breakfast with their son Harry and Bix never so much as groweled. Harley and Bix are both long gone and Harry has probably long since finished college but I still think fondly of them all.

      1. So glad to hear this story. People look at me oddly when I say his name. Years ago I heard a recording of Bix playing his coronet and was blown away. I thought then that it would be a good name for a pet and so it came to be.

        1. Bix is a great name. You made people who know him very happy and you let other people know about him.

          When I was younger, Django was that name. Now a lot of people know who he was.

          Someone came into the vet clinic with two cats named Weber & Durkheim and I asked which one was the sociology major.

          They both were so happy that someone knew the reference.

          Then someone came in with Corgi puppies named F. Scott & Zelda and only three of us immediately got the reference.

          OTOH, I only know Zelda as Fitzgerald so I never get it when it refers to the comic character.

  5. I’m discussion previously we talked about possible resolutions. I have the usual focus areas, so no actual changes.

    BUT to do the thing that worked before in helping me change and get me out of my rut- try new things.

    Firstly to make a concerted effort to go to events that I usually wouldn’t by saying yes to every invitation. This had a side benefit of making me very organized because to say yes weeks ahead, you need things done with nothing impeding.

    Secondly to go to the big art and literature events in my city that I always say I’m going to go to but never make it to because I’m playing catch-up on my work. Again, side benefit – Less procrastination.

    Happy happies y’all. It’s gonna be good.

    1. This.

      I remember hearing the average American saw 5 movies a year when I was in my 20s and I thought who only sees 5 movies? I was seeing 1 or 2 a week.

      Last year I saw none. So now I’m the person who brings down everyone’s average.

      For next year, I want to go out more to both movies and exhibitions and plays.

      And the only way to do that is to schedule it now.

      1. I was an avid movie goer for most of my adult years, but retired now and simply cannot afford the cost. Without financial means life alters a great deal. I expected to work longer. My DVD player gave up the ghost as well. I find myself glued to the political arena and library since the last election and need to overcome my shyness. I’ve had many jobs and enjoy being with people, but life has changed in my older years. Friends move, many, who are still close, are more involved with family as they get older. Gotta make changes.

        1. I feel you. Am struggling. Hence, do what I did in 2011, say yes. I said that I’ll go to the opening of an envelope. 😀 Things changed a lot from 2012 to 2013. But, there’s a lot of free things out there that I forgot that I wanted to do.

          Since 2015, my world narrowed leading to a near melt on Wednesday. Some of y’all may’ve seen it on Twitter. I’m not walked back fully yet. May end up with blue hair or my first tattoo. Won’t do pink, people here remember the last pink as red. Seriously considering adopting a permanent sneer at work. It might be more fruitful than speaking out and wasting my energy. Hopefully conveys my disdain without much effort from me.

          Will do something consistently with an effort to improve in one area. Small wins are still wins.

        2. Libraries usually have social groups, discussions, readings. Volunteers at a bookstore. Something. Reach out. They need people. You’re people. Go.

        3. I hear you. Someone even suggested meetup.

          It’s not the meeting that’s the problem. It’s the keeping. I need to connect with the friends and people I already care for and respect.

          I’ve got to stop saying no to them because I’m pursuing studies or because my job got crazier with 46 Grade 3s instead of 42, or my manager ignores a behavioural problem I report and the whole class discipline goes to sh*t. I carry the stress too easily instead of letting it roll off. But then, that means not caring about mitigating the effects of overcrowding and poor management on the children I teach. Looking for more efficient solutions that don’t take all my time and emotional energy.

          I’ve been pretty good about not even letting toxic people in since the day I left high school. So that’s a good thing. My friend groups are good, I just need to be more open to them.

  6. Thinking positively.
    The thing that happened: I was telling my dear friend Nancy how almost *distraught* I felt because no one in the family – let alone moi – wanted my MIL’s household fancies and tchotchkes. Nancy pointed out my MIL had had a lifetime of enjoying and loving the things, and now the things would be passed to others who would love them.
    Badda boom.
    I vow to see the bright side, the positive side in 2018.

    1. I’ve been in a goals class. One of the takeaways was after a few months review your goals. See if you can recommit to the goal. Perhaps reframe it, which is what was done for you. You wanted your MIL’s stuff to go to a loving home. Ideally, it would have been within the family, but it is nice to think whoever ends up with them will enjoy them as much as you MIL. I have no human kids, so I have thought about how much of my stuff, which means something to me, won’t be things anyone else will care about – Christmas ornaments, things I’ve made or been given by loved ones. It’s a little sad but, I’ll try to give things to extended family and friends while I’m here.

      In case anyone is interested, the rest of the goal review steps are:
      1. Reconnect & recommit
      2. Reframe or revise
      3. Remove those that are no longer relevant
      4. Replace with ones that you care about more

      Do them in order and not every step necessarily needs to be done.

  7. I promised my youngest child not to leave my hideous job until she graduates in June – I work at her high school. (My boss was recently arrested for doing something horrible and my gut says he’s guilty – not that my gut is always right. He was the best boss and now I feel tainted)

    So for the next six months, I will examine the possibilities of writing full time instead of working for someone else. Health insurance being the sticking point. How old do I have to be to get Medicare?

    That’s my resolution, made in desperation to get me through the next six months. We start with interviewing for a new boss next week. I’m nervous. Please God, not a micromanager.

    1. Sixty-five for Medicare. Go talk to an insurance person or a hospital social worker. They can be remarkably squared away on health care options. When my husband retired I was not 65 and needed insurance. I got the name of firm that lines up insurance packages for people on Medicare but they also worked with others and they gave me a variety of recommendations. Admittedly I could barely afford them but still, there were options. Also check Costco, they have insurance packages for small businesses. And you might check any organizations you belong to see if they are affiliated with someone offering individual policies.

      1. I think the University I graduated from offers me some insurance options. I know they want me to sign up for their credit card. It is an odd but possible place to check.

    2. 65. AT the moment.

      With Ryan wanting to cut things, I would find a job with health insurance. Taking away the individual mandate means that the 2019 cost is going to go up.

    3. I am job hunting because the stress from the current job is finally more than that of the hunt – it was a pretty damn high threshold, too. That being said, I got offered a scholarship to go back to school that I’m going to utilize, and I’ve decided that if I don’t find a new job by August, I’m putting in my two weeks. It gave me a huge sense of relief having that deadline. Also, keeps me in place past my two year mark, which I need to keep my 401k investments (damn you, July….), which I really, really want. So, hunting for job, not stressing (kinda) getting a new one, end date in site no matter what happens. I feel remarkably better. If I don’t get fired, it’ll all work out! Go 2018!!!

  8. Let’s see – diagnosed in January with ovarian cancer; finished chemo/surgery in July ; in August our home flooded (for the first time ever) with hurricane Harvey; both show horses ended up with major medical issues and then our whippet Abby slipped into the paddock with one of our geldings who kicked her in the head. Our wonderful local vet came to her office with some staff to stabilize her, then a one hour trip to emergency clinic. The happy part? Great numbers for my cancer – hopefully in remission and our puppy is a Christmas miracle – surprising both the vets with complete recovery – she is a tough little warrior princess! So REALLY looking forward to 2018!!! Happy New Year!!!

    1. Good news for sure about your health. Your attitude is wonderful and am sure that helps. Some years just appear destined as challenge years.

  9. Happy New Year everyone! This has been an interesting year, that’s for sure. Tonight it’s just me, the beasts, and the Doctor Who Christmas special. It’s a pretty good way to spend the evening.

  10. Happy New Year – may the coming year bring joy and hope.

    Doctor Who Christmas special was very good. Loved it. Waiting for the new season.

    Today I had a burst of “clean the clutter” guess that will be my thing to do this coming year.

    Happy writing and reading all.

  11. Cupboard shelf crashed. All my undies. They’ll wait, bagged, until the morrow, if not longer. Gibsons at local not bad, favorite bartender back from what we suspect is establishing mj farm to the north. Yay for the Vietnamese steamed white fish. Arnica, as applied to my foot, the real deal. And the fog horn sounds. Need 2018 really badly. Come.

  12. Happy New Year all of Argh Nation! I pray it will be a joyous one filled with positive changes and the strength and ambition to get through them!

  13. Hmmm. The ambition is here, the strength is a bit wobbly. Positivity is a work in progress but a worthy one. I join you in best wishes.


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