Cherry Saturday, November 25, 2017

Today is National Parfait Day.  

par·fait: pärˈfā/  noun
Okay, sure it’s pretty, but it seems kind of authoritarian to me.  It must consumed in those layers, in that order.  Give me a hot fudge sundae that I can mush together to get all the flavors.  (I may just not be classy enough to eat parfaits.)


23 thoughts on “Cherry Saturday, November 25, 2017

  1. Not that much into parfaits either but there always is a jar of Smuckers Hot Fudge Sauce in the refrigerator. Last year one of the gifts to my grandchildren & parents was a gift wrapped package of hot fudge, butterscotch/caramel, marshmallow crème toppings with nuts, jimmies and assorted sprinkles etc. They could get their own ice cream.

  2. My cousin likes the word parasite because Donkey from Shrewsbury says it. I quite like the word ganache because I make it sound forceful when I say it. So we have walked around together saying the words “parfait” and “ganache” at each other.

        1. I’ve never typed or searched Shrewsbury before. Shrek should’ve corrected to Shriek.

          I admit I’ve typed Avebury more than a few times. I wish I could visit Stonehenge every day during the summer.

          Our school children go ho-hum if we take them to the aquarium twice within four years (K to 3), I imagine local school groups do the same for the ‘henge.

          Tangents and asides are us.

      1. LOL, you are just very, very lucky ganache came out OK!

        The parasite of Shrewsbury is so much fun, though.

  3. Nope, you get a long spoon, reach all the way to the bottom of the glass and haul up all the layers at one. Yum!

  4. The middle layer looks like frozen frog spawn. I’ve just bought a couple of tubs of my new favourite chocolate ice cream, since it was half price, so I’m stocked up. An emergency pudding of this with damson compote (a.k.a. my extremely sloppy homemade jam) is about as fancy as I get. I suppose I could go completely over the top and serve it in a split banana, but it’s November and I haven’t got the appetite for it. Planning to bake an apple and make some custard instead.

  5. I tend to like chocolate or caramel on my ice cream. And the last quarter gets made into ice cream soup.

    If you replace ice cream with yogurt, then a parfait is a healthy breakfast, though mine are just thrown together in a bowl.

    1. “Parfait” in my house is Greek yogurt and frozen blueberries (and perhaps some graham-cracker bunnies if I’m feeling generous or foolish, since that’s more sugar than the toddler usually gets). Once we also threw caution to the wind and added raspberry jam… Yum. Breakfast with toddlers! Messy, but fun… And sounds so fancy!

  6. What I really like are parfait/sundae *dishes.* Years ago our daughter had sundae-themed birthday party, and at our neighborhood consignment shop I found beautiful cut-glass dishes that look great filled with tiny Christmas balls. Or ice cream, fudge sauce and whipped cream.

    Anybody ever actually eat Jello 1-2-3?

  7. A parfait is a mini trifle. I LOVE trifle. But as no one else in my family likes it, I never make it anymore and my trifle bowl is full of odds and ends now.

    I suppose I could learn to make a parfait sized trifle, but what to do with the extra ingredients?

    1. Just last night I was watching the Great British Baking Show episode where they made trifles, and as they discussed the Very Specific Criteria for making a Proper Trifle, my family and I are going, “Isn’t a trifle just what you do to use up leftover cake/cookies?” XD


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