Blurb Coding

I get BookBub every day, and every day I skim the list and ignore most or all of them.  My biggest reason for not clicking on anything is that they tend to sound alike.  The romances are all about billionaire rock stars and the women who reluctantly fall for them; given what little I know of billionaire rock stars (or Wall Street guys or billionaires in general) that’s a bad, bad idea.  The paranormal seems to be clustering around dangerous shapeshifters.  The mysteries are about murder and pastry or inns at the shore.   Women’s fiction is about women who must go home again and rediscover themselves.  YA still tends to dystopia.  I know some of those books must be good, and I know that a lot of what’s working there is a signal that “this book is that kind of book” which has nothing to do with how well it’s written.  My question is, how do I tell which ones are the same cookie cutter plot and which ones are worth my click?   Continue reading