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This thing is huge.  I’ve got so many plots running here with so many people, it’s Game of Thrones with demons.  Actually, I’ve never seen Game of Thrones, I just know what I’ve read about it, so maybe Dickens is a better comparison.  The odd thing is, this time I know the major plot, it’s the details that are kicking my butt, which is the opposite of the usual progress.  Also I keep losing pieces that I’ve written and put somewhere.  

Writing books is hard, she whined.  

Anyway, it may be quieter than usual in here this week because I am writing and then on Tuesday getting a houseguest (YAY) so you’ll have to talk amongst yourselves.  Or whatever.  Good Book Thursday and Cherry Saturday will go up as usual, however.  Now I must go finish painting the floor in the guestroom.  One damn thing after another.  

So how’s by you?

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  1. I am working on a chapter for a book that a good friend of mine is editing. I have been working on it for ages. I know all of the stuff in it, basically it’s stuff I have written before, but putting it together in a different way and for a different audience. And I still am not happy with it. One of the parts that I thought was going to be easy to write (basically, a “for dummies” overview of my dissertation ) is turning out to be messier than I thought (can’t seem to get the level right…). She wanted it, oh, July maybe?

    Unfortunately, my friend made the huge mistake of using the “e-word” (“extension”) a couple of months aog, so instead of getting it done and off my back, I am still dinking around with it (okay, not as much as I should be, actually) and still unhappy with it.

    What’ll happen is this: she’s gonna write me and need it yesterday. I will get wired up, then sit down and finish it. But until she turns up the heat, I will continue to muck with it and be unhappy with it. Sigh.

    1. I’m so much happier with a firm deadline. Projects with an unclear deadline (things I do for me, for example) don’t get done. I have several projects that didn’t get past a certain stage (frequently the planning stage) because there wasn’t a firm deadline.

      Good luck with your project!

      1. Maybe you should up the stakes.

        My sister gave me a deadline and if I failed I had to do something I really didn’t want to do.

        I ended up spending 5 hours walking up that mountain 🙂

  2. I’m ploughing though a sea of dots and commas, and trying not to drown. (A boat might work better.) Editing going on for 400 notes full of academic references, and every comma and quote mark needs to be in the right place (the latest fashion among authors, for leaving out quote marks round article titles, is getting annoying). It’s pretty mindless, though, and I won’t do more than four hours a day, so should avoid brain fry.

    And I’m focusing on photography otherwise: getting to grips with my new camera, photographing autumn, and brainstorming my direction with landscape photography.

    1. You know, it helps so much to switch from verbal to visual/tactile. In theory, I should be able to write for eight hours a day. In practice, that makes my brain melt. I can switch between writing new stuff (fun but my brain hurts) and revising (not as much fun, not as much pain) but I really need to something with my hands besides hit keys and my eyes besides read screens of type.

      1. You’re right. And unfortunately, photography can also mean sitting in front of my Mac, and I don’t feel up to that or brainstorming possible projects (having knocked off at note 97, with a slight headache). Gardening is a great balancer for me – really miss having a garden. Will go and walk round the hillfort instead.

        But I give myself a hard time about not being more productive, when the truth is I only have so much mental energy. Which, of course, I really want to pour into my own book projects, but that won’t pay the rent.

  3. I hit just over 10000 words on my academic piece and am past the lower end of the page limit. BUT I need to add in a section and still need to give it some narrative flow. It’s due tomorrow. I still have to go to work. Send vibes.

    Also, I learned the hard way that you also have to kill your darlings in academic writing.

  4. Moving is hard.

    Kitchen is mostly done. My room is mostly done. The kids’ rooms are kinda done. We have apparnetly lost all of their socks ?

    Everything else still needs a place. Especially our bookshelves and books cause my husband and I both read a lot. Switching to Kindles was really so that there was space in our house for stuff other than books.

    Oh, and still no internet cause AT&T sucks. And thus no tv either. But this may be a blessing cause though I’m not getting some things done, I’m getting more unpacking done than I likely would have otherwise (if we’re being honest).

    1. I still have boxes in the garage and the attic that I haven’t gone through.
      I moved here over four years ago. ARGH.

      1. My mom has been clearing out boxes and found some wedding napkins. From 1972. The box was apparently never emptied and just got put in the seven moving trucks since then.
        An executive decision was made to just use them up.

      2. My mother’s been preparing to leave her home for 35 years (she’s moving next May; she’s impressed us kids a few times to help out). My favorite discovery from helping was definitely the thick packing envelope with nothing inside but an order form for saint plaques, bearing a note of apology that St. Somebody was sold out, postmarked 1962 (three years before the house was built). I can only presume the builder/addressee has put the other two saints somewhere in the foundation.

  5. It’s a dreary day today. I look out my window and see that there are six sailboats left in the bay, down from 35 at the height of summer. Just Saturday I saw people in rubber floats because it still has been so warm and it’s practically the middle of October. Pretty soon the only boats left will be the lobster boats and then they’ll stop December 31.
    I got a laugh about the boxes to be unpacked until I remembered every time we do some renovating we pack things up to be put in boxes and out of the way to return later, only to never get back to them. Hmmm! It’s like do we really need that stuff?

    1. I’ve recently found out I’m pregnant with #2, hooray, but that means it’s probably time to find the clothes I packed away for the duration when I was pregnant with #1 and donate them to Goodwill–#1 Son is 2.5 years old and I am clearly not going to miss anything that’s still packed away in that box!

      If only it were bigger, I’d try to get it on StorageWars….

  6. Just found out one of my favorite coworkers may have reached her tipping point and be about to quit. Fingers crossed that the higher ups wake up and give her a raise. Or at the very least fix the software she needs to do her job so she’s not stuck facing hordes of angry customers.

  7. just wanna say “thank you” for posting the new Act 1. That will hold me for a while. 🙂

    We are moving this month (the end of a 6+ month process) and maybe I will even be able to write again once that’s over.

    p.s. I was seeing Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction when I pictured Nita this last time. Close?

  8. I’ve been watching Ken Burns’ Vietnam, but with needed antidotes. (It’s very good, but heartbreaking, so do not watch before falling asleep.)

    Antidote #1: The Israeli movie “Cupcakes” is a total blast, but expect ear worms (yikes!):

    Antidote #2: A recent (2016, I believe) Katie Fforde I liked very much (I’m one of those readers who hasn’t been too enthralled with her romances since “Thyme Out” back in 2000). This one is “Summer at Sea.” It’s great fun and now I really, really want to visit Scotland and take a puffer boat holiday!

    1. My husband and I also watched Ken Burns documentary The Vietnam War. It’s mindboggling to think that the solution to any conflict is to send in more troops to the tune of 500,000. And yet we still do it.

  9. Finally got a writing schedule organized to help corral brain tentacles aka bits from various books wanting finished. Next step: follow schedule.

  10. Writing is so hard! The hardest part for me is the first draft–staring at that blank page and tossing ugly words at it is torture. There’s no peace for me until I’ve got a solid structure. Once I’m confident about the GMC and plot points, then I can think about pretty words, snappy dialogue, and sensory details. I’m just about at that point right now on a book I started in Feb or March. So…it takes me a while to write a book! I don’t know how these authors crank out a book a month! Must find out their secret!!!

  11. We went to the Maryland Renaissance Fair and I spent the weekend spoiling the grandbaby. I took a ton of pictures of the jousting.

  12. I am. SO. EXCITED. About this book. The fact that there’s a lot going on is not a problem. SO. EXCITED.

  13. I watched Beetlejuice again this weekend with my husband. And it gave me a teeny-tiny string of hope to cling to. Something I need to think about: while there are definitely plots and subplots in this movie, they are so entertwined together. At first, it seems like Team Maitland is fighting against Delia and Charles Deetz, but then they sort of team up and fight against Beetlejuice. The house is an important player in this drama. Lydia, the daughter, is a McGuffin? Although she has her own struggle with many of the important players.

    Even though the Deetzs are the secondary couple, the conflict between them is a lot more noteworthy than the conflict between Barbara and Adam Maitland (who are basically one heart, one mind, and Geena Davis powers the couple). Yet, their marital problems don’t really overwhelm the plot — but they do drive the plot. (Mainly, Delia’s need to be recognized as an artist and Important Person causes a lot of the conflict between the Maitlands and the Deetzs.)

    What exactly is Beetlejuice? A demon ex machina? He swoops in to solve the problem, and then the story turns from being a problem between two sets of couples into good vs. evil (child-friendly vs. the opposite of that).

    (-: I’ve got a lot of thinking to do this week. With paper, and maybe markers. It all applies to my story, which has two sets of couples and possibly a Greater Evil (not Cthulhu).

  14. Just started revisions to my first draft on my WIP. For the first time, I’m actually excited about the process. I think that may be because I took more time and care with the first draft than I have previously, so while there are problems to solve, it’s not a hot mess. And I’m looking forward to layering good things into what is already there.

    If only I didn’t have a full-time job to do and a family to manage…

  15. Meant to be providing feedback/edits for a friend’s latest novel to pitch (shapeshifters, but it’s more complicated. There is a bunny-fish.) …aaand I’m re-reading Act 1. <:D

    I did do 10 pages (of 150), so, y'know. Progress. And her husband hasn't even started, so I'm not the *least* helpful.


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