Your Moment of Dog, the Pavlov Report

I used to have an etagere by my bed, and on top of the etagere I had a canister of dog cookies, so when the dogs decided it was time for a cookie, the three of them would stare at the canister together.  Cracked me up every time.  

Then I moved the etagere out (took up too much space) and hung up a wall unit that was too small for the big pink canister; the small green one is still there but on a much lower shelf.  So today when they decided as one that it was time for a cookie, they all stared together . . . at the place where the top of the etagere used to be.  Where there is absolutely nothing now.  Bare white wall.  

I haven’t quite figured it out.  They used to stare up there until I’d take the pink canister down, so I know they saw the canister.  And the canister is still with us, it’s just on a shelf over my head now.  Why they’re staring at an empty space is beyond me.

But I still laughed and they still got cookies.