Cherry Saturday, Sept. 16, 2017

Today is International Red Panda Day.

Red Pandas are endangered, which is bad, especially since they’re the only ones of their family: they’re not related to pandas, foxes, racoons, or bears, there’s just them, and thanks to depredations to their habitats, there are now less than 10,000 of them in the wild.  Nothing this cute should ever go extinct.  

No, you can’t adopt one and take it home, but you can do this.

Or this.

Or just google “red panda” and squee.  It’s that kind of day.




23 thoughts on “Cherry Saturday, Sept. 16, 2017

  1. This is exactly what I needed today. Cat and dog cuteness wasn’t doing it for me. They look a bit like Bobcats.

    I’m still struggling with stress which is causing poor immunity and not pleased about the anti-biotics that I’ve been prescribed. Sigh.

    1. I usually take Echinacea (tincture, bought from the local herbalist) when I feel my immune system is low. Don’t know if it helps, or if there’s a placebo effect (which is just as good, of course), but at least I feel I’m doing something. Ginger tea’s another favourite: good if I’m feeling stressed.

      Or maybe spring will help? Hope so.

          1. This is similar to a game my husband taught me – pick a category and then go through the alphabet trying to find a word in that category for each letter. So, “things with wheels”…airplane, bus, car…etc.

            I’ve done it often enough that my brain recognizes it as a falling-to-sleep ritual.

        1. Also, chamomile tea is a natural sedative. Drink a cup about an hour before bed so you have time to process the liquid & not need to get up in the middle of the night.

  2. The zoo in the town where I live has red pandas. I believe they even co-ordinate the world-wide breeding programme. The pandas have a new habitat now, but up till recently they used to live in a tree near the gate. The male panda was a famous escape artist. He would regularly go walkabout in the street and his exploits would make the papers.

    1. Our zoo has a pair too. Since we recently rec’d the 2nd one, I’m assuming breeding is being hoped for.

  3. I was at a zoo with baby lemurs. The exhibit had a hedge around it and I noticed some of the bushes moving. I looked down to see one of the baby lemurs in the hedge. I told the keeper and he sighed “yeah, It does that. It will go back in at dinner time or when Mom gets annoyed”

    1. The Oregon Zoo is surrounded by a very forested area of Portland, and one time a wild stag got in to the zoo. The employees had to cord off the area he’d gotten into from the general public. Meanwhile he just meandered down the walkway, checked out the exhibits, etc. They were able to get him safely out and back into the wild.

      1. LOL. We had wild deer living in the zoo back in the 80s. Eventually the zookeepers tranked them and “fixed” them because they were breeding and not leaving. There were too many for the carrying capacity of the land but people loved seeing them from the train ride that circles the zoo. It’s rare to see them now but the surrounding area has built up considerably too so it’s not a horrible shock that we’re not seeing them much.

  4. The San Diego Zoo (aka the very best zoo in the world) has red pandas, and I love visiting them. I try to make my squees internal, but sometimes they escape.

  5. They are adorable.
    Not to ruin the panda squee buzz, but do you know how many Maui dolphins there are left in the world? 55. My 8 year old asked me if humans had ruined the planet. No, I said, but we’ve damaged it a bit. Yes, my husband said, parts of it. There’s a depressing legacy for our kids.

  6. They’re so cute. Thank you; I needed this today. Just showed all of my co-workers the pictures, because actually we all needed it. Now I want the stuffed toy, but I’d feel guilty just buying it and donating.

  7. Thanks for the dose of cuteness! I ordered from WWF last year for a niece & nephew. A snow lepord and tiger – they were big hits. My nephew’s kitty made it into the must have for bed picks.

  8. I know this is late, but those pics inspired the sweetest burst of insipid baby talk ever. (Aw, wook at the fuffy-wuffy wittle wesser pandas — Dorothy Parker would throw up. Dorothy, I love you, but if you don’t go all gooey with the lesser pandas, then suck it.)

    I’ve seen them in a zoo in Asahikawa, and they really are so adorable. I’m not sure what it is. There’s the fluff, of course. And the arms are so short that the heads look extra big. They are really worth a squee!


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