This Is A Good Book Thursday: Autumn is Coming

Although you wouldn’t know it by the weather, it was in the 80s here yesterday.  (Yes, I know it’s spring in other parts of Argh Land.  I should stop doing weather reports.)  This week I read Al Franken: Giant of the Senate.  Good stuff.  Finishing up Helen Mirren’s biography as research for Anemone in the Liz books: not as good so moving on to looking for other sources.  Mostly reading my own book and wishing it were done.  Argh.

So what did you read this week?

Your Moment of Dog, the Pavlov Report

I used to have an etagere by my bed, and on top of the etagere I had a canister of dog cookies, so when the dogs decided it was time for a cookie, the three of them would stare at the canister together.  Cracked me up every time.  

Then I moved the etagere out (took up too much space) and hung up a wall unit that was too small for the big pink canister; the small green one is still there but on a much lower shelf.  So today when they decided as one that it was time for a cookie, they all stared together . . . at the place where the top of the etagere used to be.  Where there is absolutely nothing now.  Bare white wall.  

I haven’t quite figured it out.  They used to stare up there until I’d take the pink canister down, so I know they saw the canister.  And the canister is still with us, it’s just on a shelf over my head now.  Why they’re staring at an empty space is beyond me.

But I still laughed and they still got cookies.

This Is a Good Book Thursday

I’ve been reading like crazy ever since we started this series of posts.  My last binge was Lawrence Block’s Keller series which was interesting and sometimes a little outside of my moral zone (yes, I have one, it’s not extensive but the guy is a hitman).  Now I’m reading some of my categories.  It’s like looking through an old photo album.  The earliest, Manhunting (hate that title), will be 25 next February, so a really old photo album.  

What have you been reading?