In Search of the Womanicule

Atlas Obscura has a fun post on the manicule
, that pointing hand that has been showing up in infinite variety in manuscripts for centuries.   And of course I want a stamp of  that because I can put it on manuscripts that I’m editing and . . .
Okay, I just want a stamp of a woman’s finger pointing.  Which is when I made an annoying discovery:

There’s a reason they call them MANicules.  

I know history tends to be phallocentric, but still you’d think at some point somebody would have said, “You know what would be good?  A womanicule.”  So I searched.   I found one medieval womanicule:

And really, given how people dressed, I’m not even sure that’s a woman’s hand.

I found some androgynous-icules that were fun.


I tried altering vintage clip art.  Not so good.

And then I found some moderns:  Jen Montgomery and Arno Kalling:



So maybe if I drop the background out of Arno’s, I’ll have what I want.  Although Jen’s is damn good, too. And I like the cloud-icule a lot.  And that medieval one is too fancy, but could be great symplified. Must cogiate.

No, no, must go  back to Act Two of Nita.  It’s too long.  What a surprise.  But still, womanticules, a necessary typographical distraction addition.



Added for Quimi:


14 thoughts on “In Search of the Womanicule

  1. This is so effective. I’m going back to work as soon as I sleep and wake up – it’s after ten on here y’all.

    Also, Blessed Ganesh Chathurthi.

  2. Have you seen the TNT show Claws with the most awesome (wo)manicures? I’d probably take an eye out or give myself a totally unnecessary episiotomy. Ouch

  3. I love manicules! I’m pretty sure I saw one with a lace sleeve, but yeah. I might be seeing a male one that happens to be a little fancy. Of course, I can’t find it now — not on my computer and not in my usual haunts. Sigh.

  4. Yesterday while walking in a very old part of Providence, I noticed one of those brass door knockers that’s a hand, and realized annoyedly that it’s always a woman’s hand and I was sure it was sexism. So I’m grumping to myself in the exact opposite vein that you were because honestly, men can be servants to knock on doors too.


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