Taking Over the Island

First, thank you all very much, you gave me a LOT to think about.

One of the best ways to focus an idea is to argue with somebody about it.  I’d read through your comments and think, “No, not that,” and then think, “Wait, why not that?”  Some of the time there was a good reason, but just as often I had to stretch my plot to discover that there was a good reason to include that.  My background plots suddenly got a lot deeper not just because you all had good ideas, but because I had to think about them all.  All of which is to say, thank you very much.:

So here’s the situation.

One group is trying to take over the island to make it a permanent hellgate, a demon get-away, and a place to plot in order to strengthen their position in Hell.   So they’re concentrating on rallying the demon population on the island by hook (bribes) or by crook (threats), and their plan to do that is to take over businesses on the island, weaken the cops and the mayor, and keep Nick from becoming Devil.  They don’t want to run the government or the utilities, they’re not interested in political power, they’re interested in economic power.  That is, they don’t want to run things, they just want to own the island so they can dictate terms.  So they have the Lemon Brothers running things, and Ranger Rich out in the Nature Preserve handling hidden gates and the disposal of Hell’s agents, they’re blackmailing businesses to sell to them, infiltrating the police, collecting protection money from demon businesses, threatening demons, etc.    Think the the demon version of the mob.  

The other group is the anti-demon group, and they do want political power so they can deport (or worse) all the demons on the island and make it impossible for them to return.  So they have people in place in government who have put iron at the entrance to the bridge and to the airport, effectively trapping demons on the island.  They handed out the poisoned doughnuts to identify demons hiding in plain sight.   I’ll add the private internet community (they already had group meetings) and a new Breitbartish tabloid.  CIty Manager is a great idea here.  They are definitely running against the Mayor in the next election and they’re rabid about party loyalty (think Tea Party).  They want an ethnically pure island, and they’re only interested in money because it pays for their plans, but they’re not in this to get rich or even wield power outside of the need to eradicate all demons from the island.  They’re bigots, but they’re not the mob.

Neither group wants to disrupt communications or food supplies or anything that keeps the island running.  Both of them want to manipulate the island’s inhabitants for their own ends.  So they’re working behind the scenes, rarely butting up against each other.  For example, the anti-demon group doesn’t care who owns the businesses as long as they’re not demons.  Demons First group doesn’t care about the iron at the bridge and airport because they can get anywhere they want by going back to hell and opening another gate.  But now both groups are getting out over their skis, starting to do big things–like buy the amusement park–and people are starting to notice, especially people like Nick and Nita, so both sides are out to discredit them or, if they get too close, eliminate them.  

So Nita and Nick are fighting two battles against two groups who both see them as roadblocks to their plans.  Of course since one group wants a demon-free island and the other group wants a demon-centric island, they’re gonna clash, but first they have to get rid of Nita and Nick. 

And a lot of your ideas are going to tie right into that.  So once again, we thank you for your support.

10 thoughts on “Taking Over the Island

  1. Have you thought about the fact that the demons could also be offering incentives to the humans not allied with the anti demon group?

    No one wants to go to hell but if you offer them eternal life here on this planet, or money, people will be tempted. The demons know it won’t end well for any humans they suborn but the humans won’t. And if you want power, you’ll make a lot of empty promises.

    Also, does the anti demon group really want the amusement park to continue? It’s a seasonal business, it attracts a lot of iffy people who “are not us.” And the fact that it’s there means any stranger can claim to be associated with it or working there. Selling up that real estate might be attractive even though to a realistic person, it is the economic driver for the island.

    I could point out that killing the economic driver for a political point is not too bright but we seem to enjoy doing it in this country.

    BTW, who owns the amusement park at the moment?

    1. Hell is in evitable; it’s just the afterlife, not a place of punishment. And since this particular demon contigent thinks humans are beneath contempt (especially Nick), they’re not going to be recruiting humans. Duping them, yes, but not forming alliances.

      The amusement park is the lifeblood of the island. Since one of the things this particular political party wants is the island as a reward for the faithful, the amusement park is important in keeping the island vital and for entertaining the demons who vacation here. It’s also a really great place to hide stuff in plain sight. One of the old families owned it; I haven’t really worked out all the details yet.

      1. You know hell is not a place of punishment, I know hell is not a place of punishment (since reading Nita & Nick), the demons know it’s not a place of punishment – what do the non demon affiliated humans on your island know? And because I wasn’t clear before, I also know you’re not talking about eternal life – but to the humans on the island what would the demons jumping in and out of time and never seeming to age suggest?

        I didn’t think the demons would want to shut down the amusement park – but I thought it was the type of short sighted cut off your nose to spit your face economic decision that the anti demon contingent might entertain. Especially if the demons want to keep it open.

  2. I didn’t comment last time because our clever community had beaten me to the punch on all my thoughts!

    I still think that the demons would want to disrupt the the anti-demon’s group’s ability to communicate, but perhaps by scrambling their private internet community rather than by shutting down cell towers. Oh, I guess because I see the humans’ goal as identify and destroy, and the demons’ goals toward humans more like squash and muffle their activities, so I come back to interfering with communications and organization in the human realm. I would think the main demon focus would be on recruiting other demons and the humans are just an annoyance factor – at least until the donuts start taking the demons out.

    1. The White Power groups wants to identify demons and destroy/deport them.
      The Green Power group doesn’t care what the humans are doing as long as they stay out of their way. Somebody has to collect the garbage, run the trolley, keep the streetlights on. They’re not interested in doing work, they just want the island to work for their own ends, all of which funnel down into “political power in Hell.”

      A very loose analogy might be the American military establishing bases in other countries. They have no interest in running those countries, they just want their access and their activities unimpeded. This isn’t a military operation, it’s a political one, but it’s the same dynamic.

  3. Nothing to do with the discussion at hand, but I thought Jenny would like to know that when I was at RWA Nationals last week I kept running into Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Like, to the point where I started swearing to her that I wasn’t stalking her. (Your name might have come up a time or two, Jenny.) Finally I broke down and told her that, really, you’d sent me to stalk her 🙂

    Here’s a picture to prove it. https://twitter.com/deborahblake/status/892876905875202049


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