The Cinderella Deal $1.99

Once upon a time, I wrote a book called The Cinderella Deal about a painter named Daisy Flaherty who had some father issues.  Harlequin bought it, but they wanted a few changes: Her name couldn’t be Daisy, artists didn’t sell so she had to have a different occupation, and HG heroines didn’t have father issues.  I found out later that they didn’t the want the book–the fools–but they didn’t want to void my option clause.  So instead of saying, “How about a completely different book?” to which they would have said “GREAT IDEA!” I tried to rewrite The Cinderella Deal.  Never do that.  I ended up with a book that was not what I wanted at all.  HQ wanted it, and they published it as Strange Bedpersons.  Fast forward a year or two . . . Continue reading