Well, This Is Another Fine Mess

Some of you may have noticed that the blog is REALLY SLOW to load.  No?  Well, I have, and we’re in the midst of trying to fix it.   Okay, not we exactly, Mollie’s in the midst.  I’m dealing with other things, many things.  I have multiple fine messes on my hands, as Ollie might have said to Stan.

For example, I can’t find my lawn trimmer which is essential because the grass is about a foot tall so my lawn mower won’t cut it.  Which means I just bought another trimmer, so now I will undoubtedly find the first one.   My lawn looks like pure screaming hell, so I had no choice but jeez, how many places could have I have put a four-foot long bright green rechargeable trimmer?  Also I need to plant things.  And finish putting together the potting table I bought, not realizing that it had ONE MILLION PIECES.   I know, these are not pressing problems, but they’re a nice distraction from the news except that there’s an air quality warning out (POLLEN) so I can only go out there and hack at grass for about ten minutes before I have to come back in to avoid dying.  At which point I obsessively read the news again.

And then there’s the house.  Oh, god.  I think I’m just going to throw everything out except for the dogs and some of the yarn and my good cooking pots and the computers.  Because this is ridiculous.  

Oh, then there’s the news.  Our President is a mornonic Russian collaborator except I think he’s too damn dumb to know he’s colluding with a foreign power.  Meanwhile the Republicans seem to be closing their eyes and wishing real hard this will all go away except for Chaffetz who’s quitting Congress and so doesn’t give a damn.   The good news: The FBI, the CIA, and the NSA now have good reason to hate him, so much so that they are now collaborating with an institution they once regarded as a bitter enemy: the free press.  You know that old saying, “Never pick a fight with somebody who buys their ink by the barrel?”  There is no old saying about never picking a fight with all the intelligence agencies because nobody is that damn dumb.  And now, Trump has alienated both.  Oh, and the courts are doing a very nice job, too.   It’s fascinating because it used to be that every time he did something, I’d think, “Well, he’s hit bottom.”  Then he gets out a shovel . . . .  

I’m really looking forward to: the Tell-All books that will be published if the country is still standing after we kick the Donald to the curb.  

And then back in Nita’s world, I’m writing antagonist monologues, first person pieces in which the antagonists explain exactly what they’re doing and why that’s the right thing to do, aka Evil Overlord Monologuing according to the Evil Overlord Rules (Rule #34: I will not turn into a giant snake.  It never helps).  The monologues won’t be in the book–although I think any book is improved by giving the antagonist a POV except for mysteries,–but I still need to do it for me.

And sometime soon I must get the dogs to the vet for their well-puppy check-ups and take the car in for it’s well-Prius check-up and then get that inspection sticker and a new septic tank . . .

Maybe I’ll just lie here in bed and listen to the dogs snore for awhile while I pretend to be various nefarious Evil Overlords out to get Nita, all of whom will have a competence that Donald Trump does not.  Did you see the WaPo report that said the people who write his security briefings make sure that his name is in every paragraph because if it’s not about him, he stops reading?  

Maybe he’ll turn into a giant snake.  At this point, it couldn’t hurt.




43 thoughts on “Well, This Is Another Fine Mess

  1. You need a team of fans to come and trim your lawn for you, and organize your garage, and assemble your potting bench, so you can write more, amid the peaceful snores of your dogs and the warm glow of yarn.

    Personally, I don’t think giant snake is DJT’s spirit animal. More like hippopotamus.

    1. I would for sure come organize the inside (cause it’s way more fun to organize other people’s stuff than your own), but I GOT A NEW JOB. It’s with the Department of Child Support Services, which is a job I’ve had my eye on for awhile now, so I’m super excited about that. It’s only part time, which is a bummer, but job!

        Also, part time is good. It gives you a chance to settle in slowly, meet people, become indispensable, and figure out what you want to do next.
        And then they’ll make you head of the department.

    2. I would be too embarrassed to have people come in here.
      But I did get more of the yard cut. And I painted checks on the under counter drinks fridge.
      And chased Milton down twice when he decided to stroll down our one lane road, the dumb ass.
      And broke a big mirror that I may now make into a cork board. Or maybe not. It’s nice to have that much mirror bouncing light. Hmmm.

  2. So I went to Marlborough (wine country) for the weekend, and we did our run, and then we sat on the sofa and binge watched TV while eating chocolate and chips and drinking wine. We watched Big Little Lies, and are now debating the relative merits of the TV series v the book.

    All this means that there is good in the world and the seasons keep turning.

    1. LOl on the Big Little Lies debate, Allanah. Where did you end up?

      I read the book about a year before the mini-series came out & did the compare & contrast thing as I watched. Curious your thoughts…

  3. I hope I live long enough to read James Comey’s published letters and papers (and declassified memoranda). The odds are that I won’t, since stuff about WWII was still being declassified just a few years ago — as my mother said, some critical person would die at a ripe old age, and a few more bits would become available for the Security Group newsletter.

  4. Should also add that my mother recently read a newspaper advice column wherein the Reader wrote to ask what to do: the Reader has a 3-year-old and finds that she tends to focus exclusively on the accomplishments of this amazing child and fears she may be boring her friends. The Advice Columnist suggested that if the Reader would only read through a daily newspaper for a few days, she would find no lack of interesting subjects to discuss with her friends . . . .

  5. If this is a duplicate post, delete it.

    I’ve started reading Kit Rocha’s Beyond series. It’s set in post-anaesthetic US. Every time the Us pres does something particularly dangerous, I think ‘y’all are headed in apocalypse.’

    I don’t watch or listen to him because it is sickeningly fear-inducing. I read print broadsheets for my news.

    1. I know that “post-anaesthetic” is probably due to autocorrect, but now I’m kind of obsessed with picturing what a post-anaesthetic society/genre would look like. The spaceship Axiom in WALL-E, with everyone comfortable but apathetic? The various dystopia scenarios that propose sedation of the masses with drugs or subliminal messaging?

      1. There’s a film with, I think Matthew Broderick. He’s an alternative​ voice in a society that numbs itself.

        I’m not even in the brain space to Google. I think it became a video hit because of the subject matter.

  6. I can’t help but hope that Trump goes the same way as Nixon, but the problem with that is then we get Pence – just as much of a snake, but smarter.

    1. Yep. Although unless tRump resigns, it sounds like Mueller’s investigation is still going to take awhile. So maybe when the time comes, the House and/or Senate will have gathered enough seats in Congress to provide checks and balances again.

    2. I think Pence is going to be toast, too, by the time this plays out. They all knew Flynn was working for Turkey and Pence lied about it.
      Of course, that gives us Ryan.
      I’m pinning my hopes on the 2018 elections. The Democrats can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and have again and again, but maybe this time . . .

      1. Please goddess let this be true. Of course, they really should give it to Hillary when they prove Trump and the Russians (and ironically, Comey) stole it from her, but they won’t. Let’s hope we don’t end up with Ryan either. I don’t think I could live with that much smug.

        1. In my fantasy, they take Trump and Pence out after the 2018 elections when Pelosi becomes Speaker of the House.
          This will not happen. But a woman can dream.

      2. Problem is the calendar. I’ve been listening to Bill Scher and Matt K. Lewis discuss this on DMZ, and Bill’s take is that IF Dems take the House in 2018, it may take about a year to recommend that the Senate start impeachment hearings. Which will themselves take a while, bringing the calendar to 2019. Even if Trump IS impeached and convicted –two separate Things — if Pence hasn’t previously resigned in disgrace or been impeached and convicted himself, the process would just give Pence a leg up on a 2020 Presidential campaign. Dems will have to make some careful political calculations about this, and it would help if they had a seriously charismatic candidate ready to run, too.


  7. I’ve never understood the appeal of being a giant snake. Like the Mayor in season 3 of Buffy – he was immortal and in charge of the Hellmouth town. Why would he give that up to be a big reptile that can die by explosion? Maybe it was worth it just to eat Snyder.

    Your evil monologues reminded me of Legends of Tomorrow when Damien is giving a bad guy speech to Sara. Then Snart says something like “You really think now is the best time for a villain monologue?” I MISS SNART. Curse Wentworth Miller’s schedule.

  8. And bbc.com was reporting this morning that some male here in the US decided to kiss a rattlesnake on the mouth. He got bit but didn’t die. The snake escaped into the brush.

    BBC said there was no information on why. I just assumed he was trying to act out a Lord Voldemort scene (I’m pretty sure he kisses Nagina once or twice in the books.)

  9. Great news, Salpy!
    Good luck with your chores, Jenny. I’ve been ignoring mine and trying to get a book finished. Guess I’d better do some laundry today, maybe vacuum too. And move. Got to move the body. Maybe a walk first? Hah. it’s nearly eleven and I’m still in pj’s.

  10. So there’s this villain in Shakespeare’s Cymbeline who is incredibly stupid and played for laughs right up until he tries to kill the hero and rape the heroine. (it’s ok, he gets beheaded and mocked by random virtuous woods people before he catches up with the hero. It’s great.) But directors have a hard time figuring out how to fit this character into the story. Do we make him a buffoon? Or a terrifying threat? We’re not used to telling stories where someone is both. And I think Trump is both.

    All of which is to say I completely get not wanting to watch the news too much. At least not until we get to the part where the random virtuous woods people show up.

  11. I actually sold a story where the antagonist turned into a giant snake. Of course, she wasn’t an evil overlord, merely the antagonist, so it actually helped. Pity I didn’t know about the rule or I might have done it sooner.
    Of course, I used to work for the government, so I may just be wired weird. 🙂

  12. Isn’t the snake-turning thing a metaphor for the realization (from the protagonist’s and readers’ POV) that the character is just pure evil? Or am I missing the point about shape-shifting antagonists?

    I agree about the news, and only allow myself 20 minutes of reading, or watching, all to be performed before noon, otherwise I won’t be able to sleep at night!

    Found out my daughter and hubby were coming for a visit a FULL WEEK ahead of when they initially said…so it’s “all systems GO!” here, decluttering, cleaning, winter clothes storing, etc. as fast as my arthritic body allows, anyway! I agree with you Jenny, about just walking away with the cookware and the dogs. As for myself, I’ll take the husband, the fabric (well, 50% of it), and the sewing machines. And the photographs. Oh, and maybe the collection of rabbit figurines…

    1. I think the snake thing includes dragons. If you do that, then a helluva lot Evil Overlords go for scales.

  13. For maximum irony, mowing the lawn should uncover the lost lawn trimmer, pallid and slightly rusty on the floor of the meadow.

    1. It’s plastic. That thing and cockroaches will outlast the trees.
      But nope. Good thought, though.

  14. I wake up every day thinking, surely today will be a quiet day in the news for a change. Surely we can catch our breath today… and when I read the news, it’s actually worse than the day before. How long can THAT go on, I keep wondering?

    That said, we should keep in mind that investigations like this take a long time, as does impeaching a president–and in the latter case, that’s purely academic for the time being. Until the Dems either win the House in 2018 or at least win enough seats to further weaken Ryan, it seems unlikely that Ryan, who turned himself into Trump’s loyal stooge by midnight Nov 8, will allow impeachment proceedings in the House.

    But a Presidential administration under the level of investigation that’s developing now, combined with a fractious Congress, bad poll numbers, and so many internal leaks is a badly weakened one that’s unlikely to accomplish anything. Even LESS likely to accomplish anything given that this White House doesn’t know what it’s doing, the President doesn’t understand how government works, and they have very, very allies (and fewer every day) in Congress. Additionally, they’re so incompetent that their executive orders keep getting challenged by the judicial branch.

    I think that in terms of domestic policy, things will grind to a halt at least until 2018. My big fear is that in attempt to “regain popularity,” boost his poll numbers, get Congress on his side again, and get the media to oooh-and-ahhhh over him again, Trump is going to bomb another country, perhaps bomb several countries, perhaps augment an old war or start a new one, and possibly send American troops overseas in large numbers to distract people from his own crimes and scandals. I fear that a lot of people may die for Trump’s ego and Ryan’s cowardice.

    1. I have faith in McMasters. No faith in Sessions or DeVos or Price or any of the others that are dismantling protections right and left.
      I also have faith in the press and the courts and the intelligence agencies. There are a lot of smart people who’ve been slapping him down, and they’re only going to get bolder, especially now that it looks like they’ve got Kushner on something. It feels to be as though the dominoes are starting to topple. I have a feeling that he’s not going to make it to November ’18. At this rate, I’ll be surprised if he makes it to JANUARY 2018. It’s only been four months, and this really is worse than Watergate.

      Keep watching his approval ratings. At some point, the Republicans are going to stop supporting him to get their agenda passed and start pushing for his resignation because they’re going to lose everything. Fingers crossed the Georgia election goes to the Democrat. That’ll be a big tell.

      Approval Ratings Link: (He’s at 39% with 55% of the country disapproving; that is Not Good At All):

      1. I thought when he was running and after he was elected that he wouldn’t last a full term in office (let alone two). Whether the result was impeachment, resignation, or invocation of the 25th amendment, it was just too clear every step of the way what a disaster he would be in every sense–generally ignorant, cognitively disabled in some way (I think some form of dementia developing is a very persuasive theory), the impulse control and temperament of an overtired toddler on a sugar high, terrible judgment, no management ability, vicious, narcissistic, six bankruptcies, a sexual harasser and assailant, no work ethic, corrupt, a compulsive AND incompetent liar, etc., etc., etc.

        The only surprising thing about the way this mess is falling apart is how FAST it’s falling apart. I thought the train wreck would be more like a freightrain, less like a bullet train.

        1. I think everybody is stunned by how fast it’s falling apart. I watch Rachel Maddow on the net, and she’s been pretty much throwing up her hand every night and saying, “Well, we had a show planned, but then THIS happened . . .” I think one of the reasons that everybody except the intelligent services is scrambling to catch up is not just the speed at which it’s all happening but the depth at which it’s all happening. Flynn quashed a military decision because Turkey was paying him. Trump sucked up to the Russians in the Oval Office while they mocked him to his face. And the money problem is now way beyond Emoluments. It’s gonna be Al Capone all over again: It’s the money that’ll bring him down. I think the CIA and the FBI have been working on this all along, and then the dumbass fired Comey and suggested that journalists should be jailed on his order. Let’s see, of all the institutions it would be bad to annoy . . . .
          I honestly didn’t expect him to last the year, but even I’m gobsmacked by how fast this is going down. Fingers crossed the Dems win in GA in June. I think that’ll be the sign of the apocalypse for the Republicans. If the Dems win all three special elections and Trump’s rating goes
          any lower, the Four Horsemen will be testifying in Congress.

          1. “And the money problem is now way beyond Emoluments. It’s gonna be Al Capone all over again: It’s the money that’ll bring him down. ”

            Yes, I think the most likely path to resignation is not when the investigation dives into Constitutional violations or breach of national security or election malfeasance, all of which Trump seems to refuse to recognize are serious. I think resignation would/will occur if/when the investigation starts delving so deeply into the money trails in his business empire that he leaves office in hopes that returning to private life will halt the investigation and allow him to keep everything he’s got. (And here’s hoping the investigation continues and justice is served–though I am very skeptical that justice touches the superrich and powerful in our society anymore.)

  15. Hi Jenny, I know all the (American) people who read your blog seem to be really concerned about Trump but some friends came back from a month in San Diego and whenI asked them “How are they reacting to the political situation?” They said that “People down there don’t talk about it, they just carry on playing bridge”. I was surprised.

    ps. I live on Vancouver Island far away from all the turmoil.

    1. Oh, there are a lot of people who still support him. And I’m sure there are people playing bridge.
      That’s how he got elected, people playing bridge and not paying attention. They’re probably sleeping better than the rest of us.

    2. I’ll go out on a limb, Margaret, and guess those people were white, gentiles, and well-to-do. Those tend to be the people who have the luxury of believing they can afford to ignore what’s happening.


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