Your Moment of Dog: The Don’t Fence Me In Version

Three times a day, we go out to the yard.  (There’s a dog door out to the back that they can take any time they want, but we also do the formal bolt-for-the-side-yard.  I shut them in and go do things like wake up or start lunch and then go back to see Mona and Veronica looking at me through the pickets, tragedy in canine form.

Since we do this three times a day every damn day, it’s lost its pathos, but I let them out and they race back to the house, free at last.  Except today Milton was busy with a piece of cardboard he’d found, so I let the girls out, closed the gate, and went back in the house to make sure the girls had gotten in okay.  

When I came back out ten minutes later, there was this:

There’s a reason my across-the-street neighbor calls Milton “Houdini.”  Now I have to put a rock there to slow him down.  

OTOH, he’s really cute, even with his head stuck in a picket fence.

This has been your Moment of Dog.

26 thoughts on “Your Moment of Dog: The Don’t Fence Me In Version

      1. Look adorable and dig through anything that comes between them and what they want.

        (Person, bunny, trash truck…)

  1. Adorable!

    We had therapy dogs here today. Next week is finals week. We say we bring the dogs in to help the students’ stress levels but they aren’t the only ones stressed around now.

  2. Like small, furry prisoners. I retired from my job (my old job–my new job is as a full-time writer) yesterday and Abigail seems to believe the treat faucet is permanently in the “on” position. Also, walks. Lots of walks. How do you get anything done?

  3. Aw, just gawrsh. Milton, Mona and Veronica, dog lovability. I’m overcome.
    Thank you.
    Now go give them some dog candy in our name —

  4. I just have to say I stumbled upon your blog today and I wish I had known about it long before now. I just purchased my last three of your books to complete my collection and I can’t wait to read them all again and again. You truly are my favorite author. So many times I will laugh and have to explain to my husband what is so funny while I am reading. 🙂 Thank you for such wonderful books!

  5. LOL, I’ve missed your dog posts! Good to see them having a very doggy spring.

    We got two puppies in December, and old lady Colleen has managed to adapt, although there is still some growling when the puppies get too exuberant. They’ve started living in their dog houses this week, with the warm weather. I don’t know how long it will last — they chew on their house. My husband finally “remodeled” them and reinforced the entrances, but I don’t know.

    Also, in other news, he spray-painted their houses with their names, and apparently he thinks that Colleen’s name is Karen. Does it matter? It’s pretty much the same diff in Japanese. I’ve just never, ever, ever seen her as a Karen. I don’t even know if I should bring it up. But when I text him about the dogs, he must be wondering, “Who the hell is Colleen?” Well, in Japanese of course. Same diff.

  6. Ah! Finally figured it out. The Pokey Little Puppy! That’s what Milton looks like he’s auditioning for.

  7. I love the dog posts. Nobody can work the Big Sad Eyes like a dog.

    There’s a Jack Russell in our neighborhood that I call Houdini.

    And another one that I call Tigger. His family has an eight foot fence, but I often see Tigger bouncing in the air to look over it.

  8. You should ask my daughter. She’s a postie on a little bike in Sydney Australia.

    she could write a book about it… she should, come to think of it.

    My best story is at Balmoral Beach Sydney. We parked and My little Yorkie jumped out and saw the sea. It was her first time. There was a little stone wall about two feet high. Not a problem for a Yorkie. She ran… jumped over the fence and landed on the sand on the other side. The trouble was the other side of the fence was 10 feet down…

    But the ending is okay. There was lots of sand on the other side.

    But the moral of the story is: Look before you Leap.

    Never was a truer word spuk.

    1. I once had a wolfhound mix who when she saw the ocean for the first time went barrelling in.

      The wave hit her as she hit the water and she went under.

      She wouldn’t go near the water forever. She kept looking at me and shaking her head like- you tried to kill me, I’m not falling for that again.


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