Cherry Saturday 4-22-2017

Today is Earth Day. Trying to imaging what Trump is going to do with this one, since he praised Frederick Douglass for all the good work he’s doing for Black History Month: “somebody who’s done an amazing job and is being recognized more and more, I notice.” Since he has previously suggested that climate change is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese, I’m assuming he’ll burn an endangered species while strip mining Yellowstone and talking about his YUGE victory. (You lost by more than three million votes, Donald. You’re a loser.)

Fuck that. It’s Jelly Bean Day.

Not even Donald Trump can destroy jelly beans.

19 thoughts on “Cherry Saturday 4-22-2017

  1. Are those edible? They look like beads.

    I’m off to commune with nature for the afternoon. It’s warm and sunny, so I’m hoping it’ll be warm enough to lie on the grass once I’m up in the hills. There’s wild thyme where I’m going, as well as newts – plus stunning views west into Wales.

  2. Hubby and I just st came back from the March for Science here in Bonn. About 2000 people showed up according to one (official) source. Would have been more, but the RWNJ (nationalist) Altervative fuer Deutschland party was having a meeting in Cologne (about 30 miles away) and many people we knew went up there to protest (also why the Rhineland March was here rather than there). Many of the estimated 50,000 who were expected there would have been here if the events had been on different days.

    I finished my pussy hat and when I got there, I found a nice group of Dems Abroad, and joined them they loved my hat and on the back of one of the science signs was a “pussy grabs back” from the women’s march, so they gave it to me because of my hat. Lots of folks came to photograph me with the hat and sign and one woman from somewhere Slavic asked me what the sign meant, and laughed when she understood.

    I have volunteered to be an ne of the knitters for a fundraising sale of hand-knit pussy hats. We jokingly dubbed ourselves “The Pussy Mamas’..,

    Now I am pooped and need a nap. Bath first, then bed.

  3. I love Jelly Bellys so much. I allow myself to have them like once a year cause I inevitably make myself sick off of them.

  4. My husband just gave me the jelly beans stuffed inside his chocolate Easter Bunny (he is just getting around to eating it. He is one of those people who wait until everyone else has eaten their treats, then he eats his). So I had a healthy breakfast of half a grapefruit, a glass of juice and a handful of jelly beans.

  5. I’m trying to break the sugar habit (and indulge the yarn-stash habit instead), but now I’m craving the only jelly beans I eat — Dr. Pepper flavored! Love that the packaging shouts “contains real Dr. Pepper,” like there’s anything real about Dr. Pepper itself. (I do love Dr. Pepper, just saying it’s pretty much the nirvana of artificial.)

  6. I can eat about 3 jelly beans (5 if they are Jelly Belly) and that is it. They are too sweet for me.

  7. I mostly get my sugar the way the good lord and lady intended: in the form of dark chocolate and wine. But my evil agent recently sent me a present of Champagne Gummy Bears, adorable little bears made from actual champagne (the company that makes them is Sugarfina, in case anyone is curious) and I am now horribly addicted. They’re as close to jelly beans as I will ever get.

  8. One of my coworkers left the remains of a bag of Starburst jelly beans here in the office, and I just had a handful. There’s something else over there that I think is banana bread, but I’m making myself wait until after I eat the dinner I brought. The key to snacking in this office is to pace yourself. Something I have to remind myself of every time we have a potluck.

  9. (-: My favorite jelly beans have to be the coconut Jelly Bellys, although the pear ones are awfully nice, too.

  10. For all that I’ve had my annual hit, I cracked and went to get some more, ABSOLUTELY because of that picture up there. But then the place was closed so I was saved despite myself. In spite of myself? Brain tired. Need sugar.


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