16 thoughts on “Cherry Saturday 4-15-2017

  1. True. Those ones last for ever but erase clean. When you do a lot of pencil work a good eraser matters more.

    Mind me fangirling but Staedler pencils made in Germany- the best. Other places not so good.

  2. I was going to say, I like the white erasers, because of the dreaded pink smear on the page.
    I mark my music, then I erase what I wrote and write it in more clearly, I use erasers a lot.
    Happy Easter and Passover!

  3. I’m just about to start work on a set of proofs that arrived this morning, my tools being an old pocket spelling dictionary, my iPad, a 2B propelling pencil and a good eraser – essential for rubbing out not only my mistakes but any OTT exasperated comments. (Of course, this might be a miraculously non-irritating read; there’s always hope.)

  4. I clicked through to the Amazon link–I seize upon any excuse to look at office supplies–and saw on the “sponsored products related to this item” section at the bottom of the page a battery-powered eraser. Who knew?

  5. Mine is a Prismacolor Magic Rub eraser. I only wish it actually could magically erase some things.

  6. I have no idea where my eraser is. I tend to just scratch things out and leave an awful blob — which is horrible when I make mistakes, but on the other hand, when I do it right, it’s in nice ink. Hmmm.

    There’s a great Barenaked Ladies song called “Eraser” from their children’s album, Snacktime. IDK, the middle of this version is fantastic, but the beginning is a bit ear-piercing, and they seem to lose some steam by the end. Watch at your own risk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Of9tAvcC8x4

  7. Thanks for posting this. I was stuck looking at a computer plaster casting I had made and then painted. I wasn’t happy with how part of it turned out.

    So I whitewashed that part and started over. Erasing in a different way.

    It’s good to remember that sometimes it takes several tries to figure things out, and it’s not just me.

  8. Hmm, this morning I read that as today is Easter Day, which it is, but not what that says. The big pink pic is a clue. Regardless, Happy Easter all!

  9. I can’t keep track of the erasers in the house. I swear they wander around and go visit the missing socks and reappear weeks later.

    My kids are in 1st and 3rd grade so we NEED erasers for homework.

  10. I should note that when I was growing up, New Zealand kids referred to those as “rubbers”, it made for some interesting cross-cultural communication issues when we talked to Americans…


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