I Love This House

Setting is really important to me, both in fiction and in real life, and Atlas Obscura sent me a link to the perfect Crusie house this morning. I’ll never be able to use it in a book because it would take 30,000 words to describe it. The short article points out some of the phallic shapes, but completely misses the vaginal window and the fallopian tube front door. And the Eve figure is fantastic, pretty much what I’m hoping every Crusie heroine feels like at the end of the story.

That’s Eve on the left. I don’t know who Debbie Downer in the center is supposed to be.

The door pull is a hoot, too. Imagine grabbing that every time you came home.

SORRY. I thought I’d put the link in.

43 thoughts on “I Love This House

  1. Can you give us a link? Pretty please?

    And Debbie Downer is Gwen, contemplating managing the gallery while doing acrostics for 20-30 years…

  2. My favorite house of all time is in my favorite book of all time, “Alexander and the Magical Mouse,” by Martha Sanders and Phillipe Fix.

    You can see the exterior here:


    But the interior illustrations are also totally amazing (hats off to you, Mr. Fix).

    And the story is terrific too. HIGHLY recommend.

    Yes, I’m 52 years old, but this book has the ability to make me feel relaxed and happy when I’m stressed, so, again, favorite.

    I have wanted to live in this house from the moment I read this book. : )

  3. Sorry, it’s actually “Alexander and the Magic Mouse.” My brain always inserts “magical” instead.

    I don’t know why.

  4. I’ve been thinking it would be fun to visit Paris – I’ve only been for a few days as a teenager, for a short course at the Sorbonne. This is confirmation.

  5. Seems to me the author has a clear bias, and is a little too focused on the phallic grandeur of it all… he missed a lot of things. Bugs, indeed. There’s a pussy right there, next to the peacock. And wth is a reverse phallus, anyway?
    That Eve, though!

    1. Yeah! It’s in the right position if the position is missionary. Look at the surroundings of the phallus . . . . Wait, am I reading that right? Because if my filthy mind is correct, then the whole sexual act is enclosed inside another vagina.

  6. From the same period, but probably even stranger, is Gaudi’s House of Bones. It looks a bit like a dragon metamorphosed into a house in the middle of Barcelona. Here’s the facade and more details here.

    Hope my hyperlinks work.

  7. My favorite literary house is Greene Knowe (from the LM Boston books). This one is spectacular though! 🙂

  8. Our front door pulls, exterior and interior, are bare-breasted Daughters of the River God, Nepal. Came from straitlaced Pasadena, gift shop of the Pan-Asian Museum. Our house was boxy pablum when we moved in, but configuration and décor since have shifted.

    I’ve seen that house front in Paris. Paris is swell training for the eyes, delights everywhere.

  9. I’ve always loved this place, from the first time I stumbled on it during one of my many ramblings around Paris. And it’s literally just *there* as you’re walking down the very Hausmann-esque street. Paris is a great place to indulge on architecture!

    1. It’s a lizard that looks a lot like a penis. Evidently when the place was built, lizard was a euphemism for penis. Yeccch. But the door pull is great.

      1. THAT’S IT!!!!

        The romance novel I need to write.

        You see, it is the romance novel we deserve, but not the romance novel we want!


        I’m now Alison Janney in Ten Things I Hate About You.

    1. I bet they got that through the patriarchy by saying it was the eye of god or some such. But the picture from the inside of the stadium does kind of look like a fantasized kid’s-eye view of what it looks like outside of Mommy’s tummy (kids tend to look out the bellybutton, or at least they did in my generation).

      Which brings me to the thought that there’s not a lot phallic about the word “mancave”. Hmmm.

  10. When I saw the picture of the whole front of the house, I did think it looked like it would fit in quite nicely on Monday Street.

    But as you said, difficult to briefly convey its awesomeness, so probably more likely as background, that you know is there but doesn’t make it to the page!

  11. This is off-topic, but I just started watching an old show called “Peter Gunn” on Netflix, and it reminded me about the discussion of how books could be improved if their second sentence was “And then the murders began.”

    These shows are just packed with stuff going on.

    Most of them start with a murder, usually without any dialogue, just bam. And then the fantastic theme song and title credits.

    They are only 26 minutes long! Just little murder and mayhem vignettes. With lots of swanky jazz club scenes. : )

    The lead actor seems like a less pretty, less accented, much burlier and more violent Cary Grant.

  12. Those are curiously aquatic-looking peacocks. Love, love, love the whole house. Want to make my own version of the lizard door handle. Mine would have to be a panther, I think.

  13. I can tell I’m getting old. While I enjoyed the decorations and commentary, my knees said SEVEN stories. Aigggghhhh!


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