The Joy of Socks

I’ve been thinking about socks lately because one of my fave online shopping places has new designs in, and I’ve been buying one design I love–“Fight Like A Girl”–for everybody. And at roughly the same time I’ve started sinking into who Nita is.

I know she wears all black because she’s so driven that she doesn’t have time for clothes, and because it absorbs heat, and because it fits her mood most of the time. Also, if everything’s black, it all matches. But I thought she’d have a secret lust for color, and that her big sister would know about it, and she’d buy her something that was wildly colorful that she could keep hidden. My first thought was underwear, but I’d done scenes with Liz and her t-shirts and underwear and it didn’t feel right.

And then I saw the “Fight Like a Girl” socks, and I remembered that when I’d gone in for the eye surgery, the nurse looked at my feet and said, “You win best socks of the week” (different socks, same store), and I thought, “That’s it. Socks.” And then I started searching for the Socks That Nita Would Wear.

They’re fabulous.

From BlueQ

Also, Blue Q crew:

And then I found Sock It To Me:

(That top squid is Cthulhu. Because Nita says so.)

And of course there’s Amazon:

The key is, I picked them all because they’d fit in with scenes or conversations I already knew were coming up. They’re actually part of the plot.

Socks. The key to characterization. Who knew?

(I’m going to have SO MUCH FUN with these. And the other ones I picked out. And will pick out. SOCKS!)

51 thoughts on “The Joy of Socks

  1. Oh those are amazing. I think I know what my soon to be ex sister in law is getting for her b-day. I’m keeping her, I’d love to lose my BIL though.

    I’ve seen the Wonder Woman socks – a girl was wearing them at a roller skating thing my kids’ school did and it was so fun to watch her go with the capes fluttering.

    1. I love that the only ones that are sold out are “the voices in my head are all demanding drinks” and “my mascara ran, I’m counting it as exercise.” Because of course.

  2. Oh! And Nita’s always cold, so socks make even more sense. My girl has zero body fat and is ALWAYS cold. She loves socks and you can often find her in several pairs at once–all different heights so she can get the edges to peel them off when the time comes. She says she likes having secret socks under her ho-hum everyday socks because, well she’s a 16 year old Scorpio, AND because she says the cute ones are never thick and cozy enough by themselves.

    Did you ever watch Bones? I tried and didn’t watch much of it, but Booth always wore fun belt buckles and crazy socks with his FBI suits. His psychiatrist commented on it being a form of rebellion. All fits with Nita! So cool. πŸ™‚

    1. My 21-year-old daughter is also a Scorpio. She’s also stick thin and always cold. She lives in socks, no matter what time of year. I love giving her fun socks and slippers as gifts.

  3. I love it! I feel like one of the things that makes a “Cruisie heroine” is the fun, specific details that make her feel three dimensional and in a contemporary (even if sometimes fantastical) world.

    I’m too lazy for cute socks ( I hate matching socks) but my mom would love these!

    1. who says you have to match them? I keep socks in herds of similar weights, and pull out any two as necessary – twice the fun! half the aggravation!

  4. Never thought about socks as characterization, but now I wonder what it says about me that I hate wearing socks. I appreciate them on other people, but am grateful for the ability to go sockless all the time now that I work from home.

    1. It tells me you have a warm house, live in a warm climate, or have a warm core body temperature/good circulation. I couldn’t do it as my feet would freeze 9 months or so out of a year.

  5. In my second romance my heroine has grown out of her goth stage but still has a penchant for black – and fun socks. They don’t get revealed until the hero is undressing her for the first sex scene. Until then even I didn’t know she wore them… πŸ™‚

  6. I love the Blue Q socks! I’ve got “I have mood swings” (I’m bi-polar); “I’m a delicate f***ing flower”; “Carpe the f*** of this diem”; “Motherf***ing girl power”; the ones with a girl with an umbrella on a rainy day that say “F*** this sh*t”; and I think one more pair that I can’t remember right now. And I do particularly love them because in all other ways, my presentation leads people to believe that I am quiet and nice and soft-spoken — all of which I am, actually — but yes, I wear my rebellion on my feet and hide them under my pants. My stepmom is appalled by them, especially the ones with the F word. I’m going to love Nita.

  7. For me it’s fun earings. Tiny Ifle Towers. Clocks. Sparkly rose gold. I like them when you have to get close to see the weird.

    Socks seem cozier, but involve laundry.

  8. This is great! One of my co-workers wears fun socks (we work for a financial institution and have to dress “respectably” so the socks are her way to express herself without violating the dress code. I am going to have to tell her about these sites.

    Nita is really come to life for me now and I love that she has a thing for socks!

  9. I have something like 60 pairs of socks. I LOVE socks. One year, I got them for all my kids and grandkids for Christmas.

    Sad fact: not everyone feels about socks as we do.

    Going in for breast cancer surgery week after next (Stage One, but still). I might need those Mona Lisa socks to cheer myself up.

    1. Hope it goes super well, and you should definitely La Giaconda those tootsies. For medicinal purposes, of course. πŸ™‚

    2. Be thinking of you, Jeanne. Often in French Bon Courage is said for good luck & I wish you both. No surgery is easy but catching it early is a real blessing:)

  10. I have lots of black socks. Because they’re easy, and go with most of my clothes. Boring, I know. But I have a couple of friends who always were cool socks, and purposely don’t match them. I see some sock buying in my future. You’re a pusher, Jenny. A sock pusher.

  11. Dont forget texture Jenny. I hated socks as a child because school uniform socks were thin, nylon-y and just annoying.

    In high school I accidentally wore a pair of liquorice patterned white socks and discovered a whole new level of comfort. Turns out these were pricey-er socks with more good feels. Ever since, better socks and if the seams annoy, I turn them inside out.

    1. Never buy socks with seams. They are instruments of torture. If you can’t find seamless socks, buy men’s socks. Men are delicate creatures and are not expected to wear socks with seams.

          1. Yup. Bunnies. I have weird bunnies on my socks that I bought from our regular Woolworths.

            Mens socks like that have to be bought from novelty type places.

    2. I can’t stand sock seams on my delicate toes–it’s a Princess and the Pea thing. I always turn my socks inside-out, but perhaps I will explore the world of men’s socks instead. My feet are smallish, but maybe I’ll hit the jackpot.

  12. I actually own the Mona Lisa socks. Well, I did own them. One disappeared in the washer. So Mona is a singleton. I like her so much I usually wear her with another black paisley number. Mismatched Mona seems appropriate.

    Cool socks are great souvenirs to buy on vacation. You can wear them home, and who doesn’t need an extra pair? There’s a great store just off the Plaza in Santa Fe, NM, and another at Disney in Florida. I remember those trips every time I put them on.


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