Cherry Saturday: 2-25-2017

Today is World Sword Swallowers Day.

There are better hobbies. As the Wikipedia says:

“Sword swallowing is a skill in which the performer passes a sword through the mouth and down the esophagus to the stomach. This feat is not swallowing in the traditional sense; the natural processes that constitute swallowing do not take place, but are repressed in order to keep the passage from the mouth to the stomach open for the sword. The practice is dangerous and there is risk of injury.”


“Careful focus is required to complete the process without injury, as the sword passes within millimetres of vital body parts such as the aorta, heart and lungs.[6]”

What idiot first thought, “There’s a long sharp object. I think I’ll put it in my mouth in order to bring it closer to my aorta, heart, and lungs. Hold my beer.”

I recommend crochet. No swallowing.

11 thoughts on “Cherry Saturday: 2-25-2017

  1. The things humanity thinks of to entertain ourselves and each other seem to defy reason.

    We look at historical methods with ridicule or even disdain and then some modern person pushes that to extremes.

    I’ve seen an acrobatic team where the smaller of the two somersaults on the other person’s upraised feet.

    We are unbelievable.

    1. I just started reading a romance set in a circus and the hero is a fire swallower/knife thrower. Who knew?

  2. I saw a sword-swallowing act at a Renaissance Festival once. In addition to sharp objects, he collected eyeglasses from the audience and inserted the earpieces into the inner corner of his eye and out his–actually, I don’t know where they came out because I hid my eyes and tried not to barf.

  3. So I promised you a new breakfast scene today (Sunday).
    But last night about six we got an SBP (Storm of Biblical Proportions) and it knocked out all the power until now. I had no computer, no internet, no microwave. It was hell.
    So now it’s 1AM and I have power (YAY) but I have to go away tomorrow so I have to get some sleep. Which means, no scene. Unless I put up something else. I’ll cogitate.


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