How Krissie Spent Saturday

In the wilds of Vermont . . .

One of the many reasons why she’s my BFF.

And more great signs here. Some of the best were in London: “I am very upset.” “I’m really quite cross.” “This is very bad.” And the ones with kids, like “If you build a wall, my generation will tear it down.” The one that finally made me cry was “First they came for the Muslims, and We Said, Not This Time Motherfucker!” Okay, THIS is my America.

God, Donald Trump must be having an awful weekend.

And that great Carrie Fisher graphic by Hayley Gilmore is free to download here.

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    1. I heard that the number in Denver was around 100,000, and that the expected number had been 35,000.

      I can believe it. Our section of the march stood more than an hour after the start, before the crowd was able to move. And there were people backed up behind us as far as I could see, and also down side streets.

    2. I didn’t march any where; instead I was dropping my husband off at the airport so that he could fly to Nairobi, Kenya to help a theological college determine the best computer/internet technology for the school and write a grant for funding for the same…to a committee he chairs.

      Scrolling through the pictures from all over the world brought tears to my eyes, especially when I saw the picture of women from Nairobi, Kenya standing up for women’s rights all over the world, including us here in privileged AMERICA.

    3. Thank you for this link — it was mighty impressive!

      I was particularly fascinated to see the photo from Florence, Italy because that was where I was Sat a.m. following a week of business a bit further north. I had a couple of hours to roam before I headed to the airport to fly home but didn’t see the march (which I assume was planned for later).

      Democrats Abroad (North Rhine Westphalia branch) planned a march here in (I think) Düsseldorf, but I was still on my way home from Italy, so could only participate in spirit.

      Somehow we will get through this.

      BTW, I see the bookies are already making book on how soon to impeachment. Also note that the lies continue and Kellyanne Goebbels is still cranking the propaganda machine. So much for the hopes that the Orange Horror would turn “presidential” …

      1. Saturday Night Live did an amazing bit with MacKinnon singing “Conway” to Chicago’s “Roxie.”

        And now we have “alternative facts.” It must be hard for SNL to keep up.

        They’re already making book on impeachment? Excellent. Although that won’t remove him from office, it will just put him on trial. Bill Clinton was impeached but they couldn’t get the votes to remove him. Given that Trump is giving the Republicans fits right now, if it comes to that, I bet they’ll vote to remove. And if the FBI/CIA/Senate committee finds out that his election people really were colluding with Russia . . .

        Of course, then we get Pence who is another kind of nightmare.

        1. The PaddyPower site is currently taking the following odds:

          3:1 that Trump will be impeached in his first term
          7:4 that he doesn’t make it through the first term
          8:1 that he will be impeached within the first 6 months

          Also, 16:1 that he’ll split from Melania in 2017

          (You know, I could almost — almost — feel sorry for the woman. She has no education, no detectable skills other than being a Barbie doll. It’s appalling that her WH bio is a sales pitch for “her” beauty products, but it is the paltry attempt to have SOMETHING in her bio. Imagine what it is like following Michelle Obama — “I flunked out of the university of Ljubljana in the first year…”)

          The truth is, if she leaves this horrible, misogynist pig, she is nobody and nothing. Unlike Ivana, who had some smarts, Melania’s “business” exists only because of her name — if that goes away, she can only hope for another rich, misogynistic pig to rescue her.

          Like I said, I could almost feel sorry for her. But ever since that interview after the “grab ’em by the pussy” comment in which she just said the equivalent of, oh, well, boys will be boys, I lost whatever sympathy I may have had for her.

          She’ll never leave him because that’s all she is. Sad.)

          1. I hear you and have the same conflicting emotions of sympathy vs. “what did she expect”, but would like to make some points.

            1. She is somebody, regardless of how much fame/name recognition/success she has in the world. She is somebody and she has value, regardless of whether she has made or continues to make bad decisions. She has value whether she is a trophy wife completely dependent on her husband or a successful, independent feminist.

            2. He is a man who uses his power to bully and manipulate random strangers who disagree with him – imagine what it must be like to be around him all the time? How hard would it be to stand up to him everyday? In that situation, my guess would be that he has almost all of the power and she has almost none. If she just does what he wants to keep her life from being an unending barrage of (at the minimum) verbal abuse, well, she wouldn’t be the first.

            3. She has a child. We all know how much women will do and how much crap women will take to protect their child.

            Has she made the choices I would have made? Absolutely not. Does that affect her value as a person? Absolutely not.

            Is she happy? Who knows? If not, does she have options? Of course. Does she feel like she can use them? Who knows?

            If life has taught me one thing, it is that we rarely know what is happening inside another person and in their relationships.

            Stand strong. Stand together. We can make the world a better place.

          2. I think it’s significant that she’s refusing to move into the White House, staying in NYC to keep her son in school. And that that’s fine with Trump.
            It’s just particularly glaring after the Obamas.
            I think she made her bargain when she married him, but I also think she did not sign on for this, and that what she thinks doesn’t matter to him at all, so I’m with the “Melania, Are You Okay?” people. Best wishes for a speedy and profitable divorce.

          3. Diann, you are absolutely right. Of course, she has a value as a person, and perhaps she really is trying her best in a bad situation, as many enablers do. And yes, you are right, she may be staying with that man for all the “right” reasons in her book — but we don’t know what those “right” reasons are.

            The problem is that the woman who may or may not be an (emotionally) abused woman, whose whole persona is that body-conscious Barbie-doll image we have been fighting against for the sake of our children, is now “first lady of the land.” I realize it was very probably not her decision to be so, and that her “boys will be boys” comment may be the equivalent of “I walked into a door” from other women (the choice of the words “egged on” indicates coaching, it was clear it was not an easy or natural phrase for her to remember).

            However, we also don’t know that she doesn’t put up with his crap because she believes this is acceptable (maybe she actually does).

            In either case, here we are again, normalizing horrible behavior through acceptance of it by a “role model”, and I find that appalling.

            I am, I confess, extremely bitter that in this situation, too, we are taking a step back to the bad old days of women being seen but not heard, expected to just smile and be pretty and nothing else.

            I hope she may surprise us, but suspect she won’t.

            Sigh. Sorry. I will probably get over this at some point, but not now.

          4. I don’t think she has a lot of choice.
            I mean, look at the press secretary who just stood in front of the White House reporters and told one lie after another because he was ordered to.
            I think the smartest thing she’s doing is staying in NYC. This is his rodeo, not hers.
            And she’s not alone. Ivana and Marla probably have a boatload of info that they’re keeping quiet about. I don’t think he’s sane, so crossing him is probably not a good idea for women who are dependent on his checks.

          5. Have you seen the photographs of her arriving at the WH with Trump? I felt bad for her for the first time. He got out of the car and left her to get out on the far side and walk around the back while he went up the steps alone, and then when it was time to go inside, he charged ahead and left her on the steps with the Obamas, who both put their hands on her back to help her do those steps in those heels. Then Obama let the women precede him. In the normal course of events, I wouldn’t care about etiquette, but this was a heavy photo op of the Trumps moving into the White House, and he did absolutely nothing to bring her to his side. It was awful.

          6. Yeah, you’re right, she may not have a choice.

            On the other hand, I am just a tad leery of projecting my values on her that I think she’s just someone who made a bad bargain — after all, she made her money doing soft porn photos, so maybe she really does think this sort of behavior is normal and okay. After all of her experience with that, she still went for him anyway. I’d like to think she knows there’s something not right about this, but we’ve seen a number of supporters of her husband who have invited her husband to grab their pussies and were proud of it. Something I find appalling. I don’t know.

            Let’s pretend that she really is a prisoner of circumstance. Just to give her the benefit of the doubt.

            That being said, she’s married to a narcissist pig, who sets a truly fine example for her son. So that’s a positive, right, staying for the sake of the kid?

            And she’ll keep quiet about it because just like Marla and Ivana (“well, he never raped me after all, despite what I said”), she will have to keep her mouth shut because he’s tied her up legally.

            I guess I have to feel sorry for her: if she thinks this is okay and normal, she is to be pitied. If she doesn’t, that she feels obliged to continue with the facade and provides a questionable at best role model for our young women.

            It’s a shame no matter how you look at it.

          7. Yes, it most certainly is chilling.

            If they are on the rocks, I suspect it will get worse and worse for her, because his ego is clearly taking a huge battering already, and we’re just at Day 4. She may well end up the lightning rod for his fury.

            Let’s hope not. But let’s also hope she finds the strength to NOT be the very public face of the passive abused woman. THAT would be a great service to the country.

            Sigh. Need to keep our fingers crossed.

          8. There was a puff-ish piece about them that casually mentioned that she calls him “sir” which is… chilling. I’m trying to find it but I can’t seem to at the moment.

    4. Oh my gosh. I had no idea it was so widespread. I LOVE the one from France where the sign supports the rights of American women. How wonderful is that?

      Now I’m crying. Thanks for this.

  1. We had great turnouts in the Pacific Northwest, even in a red county! Lots of women and men, angry and determined to resist the Drumpf agenda. I saw pictures from all over – even a march in Malawi! To see women in Africa, marching against Trump? Wonderful.

  2. I was moved by the masses of women together walking for their rights. My twisted foot may not have been up to it but my heart was. I was saddened by those women depreciating the effort especially since a few were contemporaries and really should understand the issues, but they do not wish to. Have they forgotten the sixties? I wish them well but the peaceful march was awesome!

    1. I was also saddened to see some of the stuff from other women saying that the march was not for them and why. Until I saw those comments/posts, I had been having such a wonderful Saturday. Reading the worldwide coverage of women and men on each continent coming together was amazing. Then seeing those comments just took a little out of my sails.
      Then I saw this:

      And I was right back up there feeling wonderful. 🙂

      Also making me feel so wonderful– my almost 60 year old mother attended her very first march on Saturday. The one in D.C., no less and she has said it was one of the best days of her life and she can’t wait to get more involved.

      1. Thank you for posting this link to the article, which I have now posted to Facebook. I was on Facebook yesterday explaining to my conservative female relatives why the march mattered. (This is why I fled central PA as soon as possible.) She expands on my thoughts and eloquently explains the issues. My cousin, who lives a very comfortable white suburban life, said that she wouldn’t want her granddaughter marching with “those” people because Madonna used the f word and said that people should bomb the White House. Classic red herring by the conservatives–marginalize the importance of 4.5 million people marching all over the world because of Madonna’s comments. And news to my cousin–her granddaughter will hear the f bomb soon enough in kindergarten and will need the rights that so many people are marching for.

        1. Hi, Kim, from another central PA refugee (I grew up in York)! I get furious at the outrage over the f bomb when our ‘president’ got elected after not only using the word ‘pussy’ on tape, but with the kicker of admitted sexual assault. That will be much more damaging to your cousin’s daughter than hearing the f bomb ever will.

  3. Go, Krissie!I was amazed to hear there were protests on all 7 continents, including Antarctica. And my little march turned out to be bigger than I thought–about 500 people in my small town. If I knew how to put a picture up here of me on the day, I would 🙂

  4. Atlanta expected 20k and got 60k, led by the wonderful John Lewis himself. Health issues from attending. We just came back today from seeing Hidden Figures in hopes it would get great numbers in attendance for the third weekend in a row. SOOOOO worth it.

    1. Health issues prevented us from attending — correction for clumbsey fingers.
      (And autocorrect just tried to make clumbsey into “club sexy”. Hmmmm)

      Thanks, Krissie, for going for those of us who couldn’t!

  5. Thank you, Krissie.
    My husband put photos of our march on his Facebook page, and we are amazed at the “likes” from our diverse international group. The CIA guy especially liked the “Impeach Trump” sign.

  6. Thank god for George Orwell. Without him, how would we instantly recognize phrases like ‘alternative facts’?
    Kelleyanne Conway should be tried for treason against the female sex and the human race.

  7. Hooray for Krissie! (And man, she has some really nice handwriting, too!)

    I was depressed and feeling that I should re-read 1984 this morning, just to wallow in the feelings of helplessness, but after seeing this display of awesomeness, I think there are better things I could do with my time.

    One thing: they didn’t have social media in 1984. As long as we have social media, we’ll never be able to stop questioning our sources: what’s true and what’s believable. Social media can provide us with “the other side of the story” as well as links to more professional sources. But most importantly, it can provide us with eye witnesses. Always corroborate. However, before, I wouldn’t have heard anything in the first place so that I could follow up. Now, I’ve got the tools I need to start asking questions.

  8. If you marched or if you supported the marches, especially IF you’re in red district, call your Congressman’s and Senators’s offices today or this week and let them know.

    Tie in their voters with those numbers.

    If the Republican leadership will just keep this guy from letting Putin appoint our Secretary of State and Blackwater appoint our Secretary of Education, we can get through this.

    Let them appoint Republicans but Repbublicans who know what they’re doing. (No, I don’t like Pence either – but Pence isn’t going to pull us out of NATO & NAFTA because he doesn’t understand what they are.)

    If the Republican leadership will do what the Founders intended, it will be okay – not great – but okay.

  9. The Trump son-in-law is coming to Canada in his role as senior advisor.
    How is this not textbook nepotism???
    Do you suppose he had a job interview?
    I am going to gag when our increasingly wimpy if good-haired prime minister fawns all over him.

  10. I marched in Oakland, CA and was very heartened to see the large turnout with great diversity of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion. (Also so happy about how peaceful the marches were, everywhere.)

    One favorite sign that I haven’t seen in photos from other marches: “Coven Up, Sisters” 🙂

  11. I went to the Los Angeles march and it was so amazing. I had serious sign envy! Lots of creative folks out there! I’m already thinking I should start planning my sign NOW for the next march. 🙂

  12. Go Krissie! And everybody else who marched!

    I am still flu (I personify it at this point) so wasn’t up to spreading my germs to other marchers, but was there in spirit.


    My son, daughter-in-law and granddaughters took part in the Chicago march. (Above and the two pictures below.)

    My four-year-old granddaughter is holding up her fist and saying, “Girl power!” in the picture below.

    This one was taken en route from the parking lot to the immigration rally at O’Hare:

    And this one is at O’Hare Airport:

    My granddaughter’s take on this? “Grandma, they were arresting people when they got off the airplane, even a baby! We protested so they let the baby go. I’m going to give that Donald Trump a piece of my mind!” That’s my girl!


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