Expectation and Reversal: A Video Explanation

We’ve talked about setting up expectations and then reversing them in a way that makes the reader/viewer see things in a different way so they feel engaged and delighted instead of swindled (the infamous Gotcha). I love this video because it’s a great short visual for that concept:

My fave is the lightbulb that lights up instead of breaking; not just a reversal but a delightful surprise.

Originally on Vimeo.

14 thoughts on “Expectation and Reversal: A Video Explanation

  1. Btw Jenny, you know I like to send you after British series that might appeal. Check out this mini of mini series -https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maigret_(2016_TV_series) if you haven’t already.

    1. Maigret? Is this new? Will go look. Maigret’s been around for ages, and I thought they’d done him before.
      I haven’t watched TV in a couple of weeks, but Grimm and Legends are back now, and I want to try the Lemony Snicket on Netflix and I’ve heard Expanse is quite good and Mollie says Sneaky Pete is excellent, so . . .

      1. Thanks for the reminder about Legends. I completely forgot that and Flash started again this week. They actually lampshaded how terrible Vandal Savage was as an antagonist; it was a great moment.

  2. Not sure this is the best forum for this but am poking about my favorite/best online book/reading resources as to opinions of which to purchase —

    I want to get one of the annotated editions of Little Women and can’t decide which to spring for. I did this with Jane Eyre a few years back and enjoyed it. Thought I would give it a go for my old, second most favorite Alcott. But then — argh! Two very different editions and both of them are physically large, door stoppers!

    So, I n case anyone’s had a chance to compare the two (my local book stores have neither n stock now that Christmas is over) — ideas? Opinions? Thoughts?

  3. Sorry Susan. No opinion here.

    To everyone else, Atkinson is SO good in it. The period location and clothing are also excellent.

  4. (-: Made me forget my headache for a minute! I must be frowning too much. (-: Must smile more! The anticipation of the bowling ball was absolutely delicious, but I’m not sure I liked the follow-through. The others were great!

  5. This is … more of a website question, actually, since I couldn’t find any kind of “Feedback” or “Comments” link for the web design.

    Have you had anything published since 2010? (Except for the Crazy People short stories; those were 2012, though written much earlier.) That’s the most recent on the bibliography.

    Also, a comment: What I would best love to see on the bibliography is a hover-over (if you want to keep it from getting cluttered) with the names of the lovers, and a very brief plot synopsis, so I can remember if I’ve read each without having to call up each on Amazon. (I read on Kindle, starting with the library and then buying the ones I enjoyed, so titles and covers are not something I see a lot of. It’s the only downside I’ve found with reading Kindle rather than paper format.)

    In any case, thanks for writing! I’ve really been enjoying your work. While you’re very different, you and Courtney Milan are currently my two favorite romance novelists.

    1. Last publication was Maybe This Time. So only twenty novels and two novellas.

      The menus on the website are so crowded now that we’re not adding anything to them. But if you click on the titles, you get a full page that should tell you everything you need to know.

      And thanks for reading!


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