Cherry Saturday 1-21-2017

Today is Squirrel Appreciation Day.

I’m bummed we missed Penguin Awareness Day by one day.

This makes me laugh like a hyena every time I see it. I have no idea why, I bear penguins no ill will.

7 thoughts on “Cherry Saturday 1-21-2017

  1. Hahaha. I love that one too. It’s the surprise of the thing. It is the same reason I laugh uproariously when I see the dog surprise the cats staring at the bird!

    I was searching for dolphin watching in my neck of the woods – lip of the ocean?? – and hope to do an outing soon. If I want penguins I think I have to go to the local oceanarium.

  2. My family and I got lucky and saw dolphins once at a beach in Santa Barbara. They jumped en masse out of the ocean right in front of us.

    Breathtaking. And startling! They were only about ten feet away. I had no idea the beach sloped so much in such a short distance.

    We all ran along the beach following them as best we could, but they were so fast that we lost sight all too soon.

    1. I swam with wild dolphins near the Bahamas in my thirties. One of the best experiences of my life. And when I say wild I mean we were on this boat floating in the middle of no where and someone would spot the dolphins and we’d all jump in the water. They came to us to play. Magical. They were so gracious and gentle with us.

      Can a dolphin be gracious?

  3. I love squirrels.

    Several years ago some group was trying to catch squirrels and use birth control on them here by putting out traps with nuts in them in front of my work. I walked out one time as they were doing their work and heard the squirrel screaming and it was totally disturbing. However, the squirrels figured this out. One day I walked out and saw a squirrel managing to dart into the cage, get the nut, and get out without injury. Huzzah! They gave up on that.

    Also, one day I was sitting at a picnic table and I swear to god, these three squirrels put on a show of having a threesome.

  4. There were always squirrels running up and down the trees in my grandparents’ backyard when we visited, and you could see them through the sliding glass door. We always thought they were cute, but my grandmother hated them because they snacked on her vegetable garden.


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