22 thoughts on “Cherry Saturday 12-24-2016

  1. I’m reading Pema Chodron, Swami Chinmayananda and some English grammar texts after my mumble-mumble re-reading of Agnes and the Hitman.. SO … you get lyricism and hope.

    Being Peace by Thich Nhat Hanh

    If we are peaceful.
    If we are happy.
    We can smile and blossom
    Like a flower.
    And everyone
    In our family,
    Our entire society
    Will benefit
    From our peace.

    And translation of Sahanau bhunaktu from Sanskrit.

    Om. May we be protected both together
    May we be nourished both together
    May we grow in spiritual knowledge and energy both together
    May our study together be luminous
    May we not hate or have discord between us
    Om, peace, peace, peace.

    Merry and happy to all.

  2. I’ve been trying remedies to throw off the bug that’s keeping me under the weather, but no luck so far. Will just surrender to enjoying (slightly) ill health. Managed to make a dozen mince pies – a bodge job, since I only realized when I’d made the pastry that my pastry cutters are in storage. Made do with a couple of glasses, but it’s a real home-made aesthetic. Still, all-butter pastry, made today, is worth it. And my upstairs neighbour was very appreciative.

    Got trout for tonight, and Alan Bennet and ‘Grantchester’ on TV – as long as the latter isn’t too grim (if so, I’ll turn over to re-watch ‘The Lady in the Van’).

    Happy Christmas everyone.

    1. The first season of Grantchester wasn’t too grim. It had some dark moments, but nothing that haunted me. Well, that’s not true. Some of those stayed with me. Such a good show except for his truly terrible taste in women. I heard the second season was darker.

      1. Yes: I stopped watching the second series. Which is why I’m not terribly hopeful about this Christmas special, although like you I thought it was really good in the beginning.

        1. Update: Just finished watching. Less grim than series 2; but it didn’t get 100% of my attention. I checked Wikipedia halfway through to work out what had happened to his love life, which is more bizarre than ever. If only grim weren’t so fashionable, there’d be some wonderful storytelling possible here, I think.

          Definitely not watching Maigret tomorrow night: that’s just boring as well as depressing. And some idiot’s scheduled ‘King Lear’ as well. I’m recording ‘On the Town’ tomorrow morning; or I might pull out a DVD. If I subscribed to Netflix or whatever, I’d hunt down ‘Meet Me in St Louis’, now you’ve put me in the mood.

          1. I do not see what he sees in Amanda. Or she in him, at this point, beyond the fact that he’s beautiful.
            I need a nice cheerful murder mystery. Is Midsomer still going? That was quirky enough that most of the time it din’t ruin my day.

          2. I think Midsomer was still going. But have you seen “Death in Paradise”? Uptight British detective gets transferred to the Caribbean.

          3. Yes, and it was a lot of fun until they did that THING. WTF? I tried the next season, but nope. I can’t believe they did that THING.

          4. I’ve been enjoying several episodes of ‘Miss Marple’ – the only Agatha Christie I’ve ever enjoyed (1980s, with Joan Hickson). They suddenly showed four or five of them on a repeats channel last weekend, but the signal was weak and I had to give up on the last one, there was so much pixellation.

            I did get over the extraordinary thing they did in ‘Death in Paradise’, and enjoyed the new set-up. It’s a bit like ‘Montalbano’, in that I watch it for a dose of sunshine as much as anything else. Much sillier than ‘Montalbano’, of course.

          5. I watched the whole next season but it wasn’t the same. I know it was an actor decision, not a writing decision, but ye gods.

          6. The second season of Grantchester was darker. I didn’t know there was going to be a Christmas special – I’ll try to track it down. Thanks for the notice. His love life was never as much fun as him and Geordie. Nothing against that widow he was dating, but that relationship never clicked for me. My attention tended to wander whenever they had a scene together. There was someone in the second season I found more interesting, but then they went back to him and Amanda with lots of angst and drama. Maybe they can get past all of that and do a sort of Nick and Nora thing with them since Amanda at least seems to enjoy the idea of detecting.

            I was watching Death in Paradise because it was so relaxing, and then I heard about The Thing and stopped before I got there. Why would they do that??? They could have just ended the show instead. British TV channels aren’t usually like CBS for God’s sake, they’re generally not afraid to end things before they go on for far too long.

  3. Company tomorrow. Hopefully by tonight everything will be done. And the karma that landed me this week in a 3 day jury trial for domestic abuse will have changed.

    The sun is out, all my shopping is done, the tree is decorated, the wreath is up and I only have a few hours of cleaning before I can start cooking. Nothing but good times ahead.

    Best wishes for the holidays to everyone.

  4. Wishing everyone a bright and merry! We got together last night for Chanukah and Christmas. Did a traditional English roast dinner. Everyone went nuts over the Yorkshire pudding. Since it has been over 20 years since I last made them, that pleased me. Son is convinced I was a gourmet chef in a prior life, however, give that man a hunk of beef and he’s in seventh heaven.

  5. Happy holidays, Argh people! I worked at the shop I run, and although it isn’t tradition retail (all locally handcrafted things) it was still a bit zoo-y. Glad to be home with leftover Thai food and a new bottle of prosecco.

  6. I worked the marketing booth at the nutcracker today. If you have to work on Christmas Eve, working the nutcracker is pretty great. Everyone was excited to be there, and in their finest. then I finished up Christmas shopping with a coworker, which was great. This is the first job I’ve had real friends at, and I’m kind of proud of myself.

  7. I wish you everything you wish for yourself and yours. I wish for me that a new Jen Cruisie will come into publication. I want to read Nita and Nick’s story, or whatever story you choose to charm us with.

  8. Oh, all my Argh dears, happy your holiday! I am halfway through my first Stone Mocha beer, gingerbread baked, nutmeg sugar cookies resting in the fridge (no, not the same as Being Fridged, I now understand), magazine put to bed, presents wrapped, ideas for tomorrow’s floral arrangements in head, tomorrow’s diners invited, home from the mother-in-law’s (I believe we like each other after forty-five years), dogs walked and groomed, myself bathed and lotioned. Oh, and the cards are written and stamped. We’ve decided, despite great plans, for the Eve to see us out with leftovers of the terrific sort, ham awaiting the morrow. Best of all: rain. And I wish you a happy new year.


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