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Yes, I’m still writing. Yes, someday I’ll post more. I’m getting company tomorrow and this place is a hellhole, so today is Clean All the Things All Day. BUT . . .

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The Book Club:
I’m not sure how useful/helpful/fun the bookclub was for you all. So I’m cogitating.

I’m thinking about extending it to non-fiction, which would remove the “only dead authors” restriction since we’d be talking about concepts, not creative expression (yes, I realize non-fiction is creative, but we wouldn’t be analyzing somebody else’s fantasies). Mollie has pointed out that this blog has to be for readers, too, not just writers, but there’s other good non-fiction topics out there.

Hmmm. Possibly it’s time for a poll.

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Binge Watch

I like doing the binge watches because I get to talk about writing while watching shows I like again. I never finished the Leverage binge watch, must have wandered off, so I’ll do that later this summer. I’m going through and reorganizing and rewriting some of the posts now, so I’ll put up a table of contents post later this summer with the new schedule and notice of rewrites. And I want to do the same thing for Sense8 before it comes back. That one was such a perfect combination of train-wreck and triumph that it really deserves more scrutiny. And I need to go through and do the same thing for the Arrow posts; there was some good stuff in there even if the show did slide rapidly into the abyss.

And then there’s new stuff: I want to do a binge watch for Limitless at some point (short one, probably a month to six weeks; it only lasted a season, damn it). I want to do one for iZombie, which is coming back next year for a third season. I want to do Life on Mars, which I’d been avoiding because it’s so hard to find uncut online (Hulu has ruined it with the cut version is shows) and then I realized it’s probably only hard to find in America; also I think it’s one of the best stories I’ve ever seen.

The bottom line is, I like doing binge watches. They’re easier than book clubs.

So what do you think?

37 thoughts on “Two Things

  1. Binge watching is popular because it works for many people.

    I got hooked on (now cancelled) Second Chance thanks to diverse casting and then I wanted to see how it compares to Once and Again. I loved that one with Eric Close and that was cancelled too.


    Also, since all GoP people who took NRA money are thinking and praying for families of affected, I’m going to spend my time and energy sending vibes for laws to change. Sorry, Uncle Sam, you’re insane. You keep doing the same thing and expect a different result.

    1. Oh, fuck, I hadn’t see the news yet.

      When a classroom full of little kids got gunned down and fucking Congress still wouldn’t do anything, I knew we were lost. And Trump just tweeted thanks to everybody who was congratulating him on being right about Islam, so we have that sociopathic moron stirring things up, too.

      I keep hoping we’ve hit bottom and we’re heading upward again, but there just seems to be more bottom.

    2. Short but to the point article in HuffPost about a senator from Conn (Sandy Hook territory), pointing out the hypocrisy of “moments of silence” followed immediately by the next GOP legislation for reducing regulation of guns (semi-automatic, etc.) that have no business being in anyone’s home.

      “Rep. Jim Himes (D-Conn.) said he won’t be attending any more moments of silence on the House floor after mass shootings, arguing that they have become an excuse for Congress not to take any real action to address gun violence.”

      If he was running for re-election I would send money to his campaign even though I don’t live in Conn.

        1. It’s so hard to keep them straight, they’re happening so fast and so often. And most of them with that gun that has one purpose, to kill a lot people very quickly, because of course Americans need one of thoses. Jesus.

    3. I think you mean Now & Again — the only season of which aired at the same time as Once & Again’s first season aired. I loved both shows, but N&A is the one of which Second Chance made me think, as opposed to O&A’s sort of dramatic-Brady-Bunch-update concept.

      1. I loved Now & Again however it is still stuck in my mind as a John Goodman thing, even though he was killed off in the opening credits.

  2. Your plans sound good to me. I just want to know where I can catch up with Limitless (without signing up for some other thing to pay for that I am not already signed up for, preferably not a website that will give me viruses) first because I only started watching it halfway through and didn’t see the start of it.

    1. I’ll find out before we start. It JUST got cancelled, so I’m expecting it to show up somewhere by later this summer.

      1. That Limitless cancellation is so frustrating and surprising, because I could’ve *sworn* that I’d read in the spring that the network had ordered a second season. Damn.

  3. Re the bookclub: non-fiction appeals to me. The literary criticism aspect didn’t work for me, even though I enjoyed my English degree forty years ago. But for that, we’d write an essay on a different author each week, considering their work in the light of a particular question; not so overwhelming. I realize, though, I’m just not into any more of that now.

    I understand why you posted on three different aspects at once, but I think it stopped us having one conversation that really flowed; where we could riff off each other, as we usually do.

    I think non-fiction might free us up, and would be an interesting contrast to all the fiction discussions we have.

    1. That’s a good point about not being able to build on each other’s comments. So only one post if there’s a next time.

  4. Tell Molly that as a non-writer I am perfectly happy to read about the writing process or anything else you want to write about.

    Not such a binge watcher, but I read all the posts about Arrow without watching a single episode, so apparently not a big deal (see opening sentence).

    I agree with Jane B that I would have participated in the book club posts more if there was one with a single question/topic. As it was, I would read all of them and then wandered off because I didn’t remember my thoughts on the first one.

  5. I like the binge-watching. I enjoy reading the posts even when I haven’t watched the show and at least twice you’ve motivated me to watch a show I would otherwise not have seen. (Sense8 and Person of Interest, both of which I’ve commented on. I only watched PoI for Bear, actually, because of the clip you posted where Reese rescues him.)

    I didn’t participate in the book club, because the more I think about writing, the less I seem capable of doing it. I like Pratchett, but if I spend too much energy thinking about how he did what he did, I will never write another word. For me, writing analysis = writing paralysis.

    1. Yes, I think that’s what repelled me, too. I read English because I wanted to write novels, but especially at my university (Oxford), an English degree is a training in how to criticize, not an encouragement to create. Then I fell into editing as a day job, so I’m still struggling to quiet my overdeveloped inner editor long enough to actually write.

      Of course, there are plenty of people with English degrees who become writers; it’s just been a bit counter-productive for me.

      And I know that those skills are really valuable when I’m at the editing stage, so I don’t mean analysis isn’t a helpful thing to do.

  6. I will participate (even if it’s just reading the book & others comments without posting much myself) whether it is fiction or nonfiction. TV binge watching has less appeal for me but I have been totally caught up by POI even though watching people shoot at each other and working as vigilantes does not seem like it would be interesting to me on first glance. I think the community has really drawn me in and watching Carter go from the cop who was going to bring Reese down to being part of the team did a lot to disarm my suspicions of the concept.

    I think you should just continue to post about the things that are interesting to you.

    1. I’m very self-centered, so that’s definitely going to continue.

      I’m kind of liking the idea of non-fiction.

  7. I like Jane B’s idea of one post, rather than trying to follow three, whether you decide on fiction, non-fiction or a mix.

    Personally, I enjoyed the analysis of Going Postal. I loved the book, but appreciated it even more after the discussion.

    1. Ooooh, Agent Carter. (I still haven’t seen Jessica Jones.)

      I’m pretty sure our next binge watch is cleaning up the rest of Leverage. I’m going through the posts now (expect “Leverage” to get much larger in that subject cloud). While I was doing Binge Watch logos, I added Limitless, iZombie, and Life on Mars, but Agent Carter would be excellent. I’m also going to go back through and clean up the Sense8 posts for when that starts up again. And then there’s Grimm, which is just fun.

      You know, for somebody who doesn’t watch a lot of TV, I watch a lot of TV.

      1. Im in love with Jessica Jones its been binge watched twice in this household. All the others listed I love or on my list to watch.

  8. i keep wanting to get into sens8, so i’m definitely on board for that!
    and i adore izombie, so i’d read the hell out of those posts too.

  9. It occurred to me that binge watches may be easier for others because it’s an hour at a time, vs. however long it takes them to read.

    (I speed read and I’ve already read the book, so no problem for me, but others may be….slower.)

  10. Love non fic too, binge watching is a tradition in this house and the news is horrible politics are scary and other than diving for the ice cream and trying to shake the scary fact that I might have to fight for my right of choice as a woman is disheartening and keep telling myself and my boyfriend we can at least make a difference in our local area/county wide.

  11. I was looking forward to the book club. And I am still looking forward to reading the posts. Mostly I have just read for escape, not so much thinking about theme, structure. When I was suposed to be learning that stuff in school they used books like “All Quiet on the Western Front” which I did not enjoy and did not want to think about.
    Turn out the internals of story interest me very much (thank you all!)
    but it’s the week before final exams and I don’t have time to read Going Postal much less think about …Gotta go study.

    1. Good luck, Clancy. And don’t overdo the revision: it’s equally important to be well-rested for your exams. (A very bright friend of mine, who should have got a first, nearly failed his degree by staying up all night studying for several days before the exams.)

      1. Thank you for your kind thoughts.
        I’m a “mature age” student, what my uni calls the over 25 set though I’m well past that too. No point in staying up all night, mostly my brain quits mid evening or so. I can, say, rework my notes, or rewrite an already thought-out paper but I know I’m not learning much. I can get up at 6:30am and get stuff done though. Couldn’t do that when I was twenty.

        1. I went back to get my first masters in my 30s and my second masters and almost finish a PhD in my forties. It was amazing how much easier it was when I was dating and hitting parties and bars.

          Good luck!

          1. Thank you. I am inspired by you. You seem to range around, noticing all the squirrels, supporting many hobbies and still get things done. I am trying to apreciate my own [not lack of] many pointed focus.

            I’m working on my first, again. I’ve done a year or so at a state uni, then several tries at junior college in the US. This time I have good support but I am not enjoying the experience as much as I remember. Different country or maybe I’ve gotten pickier. Too much struggling with admin and not enough thrilling teaching/learning.

          2. I have an attention span problem. Also, I just like going to school. Writing dissertations, not so much.

  12. Maybe it’s just me, but I think when dealing with a wide group of people, book clubs & TV clubs can be challenging in two ways: 1) Not everyone is interested in the same books/author/show; and 2) Not everyone has time or opportunity to watch every episode of a show.

    What worked for me was PopD. I could commit to a 90-minute movie (maybe not at the same live time but within the week it was discussed). And I thought the recorded chat was fun & interesting to listen to & the community comments were good too.

    So if you do a movie club that discusses story via comments, I’m there. Maybe not for every movie but enough to follow the club. Especially if the movies are fun:)


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