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Our pals at Eight Ladies Writing have a great post up:

Lois McMaster Bujold Answers Three Questions about Self-Publishing.

Bujold isn’t just a masterful writer, she’s a great source on publishing, especially self-publishing since she has her second written-for-self-pub fantasy novella, “Penric and the Shaman,” coming out soon (she teases with the first two paragraphs here).
And now on Eight Ladies, she’s giving some great background about her history with self-publishing. She’s regained the e-publishing rights for several books in her backlist and self-published those. In particular, her first fantasy novel, The Spirit Ring, provided some very interesting data points for her future ventures into the electronic realm. She also shares some thoughts for new writers who are considering the leap into self-publishing.

Go on, you know you want to click on those links.

15 thoughts on “Eight Ladies Hosting One Fine Writer . . .

  1. Thanks for the prompt. Just bought it. I read the first novella some time ago and loved it too. Bujold is a great writer, one of my favorites, even though in general I like her sci-fi more than her fantasy.

  2. Thanks for the mention! I think it’s really interesting that she’s gone to novellas in her “semi-retirement”. She says they are less hassle as far as the “murky middle”. As a consumer of the finished product, I’d say her pacing and qualities are just as good as ever. The new novella is really great. And it’s self-contained so on one level, I’d be satisfied if there weren’t anymore. But she’s starting to assemble a League of Heroes, so I really hope she keeps going.

    My goodness, the premise itself (a demon who has 10 different human personalities combines forces with a young man who is ready to learn) is a League of Heroes in itself.

    (-: Demons are definitely where it’s at right now. I thought it might be the Age of the Unicorn after our passing Age of the Vampire, but I think it might be heading toward demons, good and bad.

  3. Oh, how I love me some LMB! The Vorkosigan saga is awesome, of course (Cordelia! Aral!) but Curse of Chalion is the most perfect book ever.

    She’s actually how I discover you, Jenny. She’d posted on her Goodreads page that when she’s in the mood for romance, she turns to Jennifer Crusie, and I thought, hmmm, who is that? I knew she wouldn’t steer me wrong … 🙂

    1. I discovered Jennifer Crusie’s books through LMB too! (When I wrote my first piece of fanfiction, I put Crusie characters in Chalion ((actually, in the Weald of The Hallowed Hunt and Penric)). It was fun to research the right term for the springy curls of Crusie’s heroines because springs didn’t yet exist.) (Yes, attribution was made.)

          1. I got to thinking about that too . . . assuming that Agnes had a gay husband like Ista (Ista only had two children; a girl, and then the heir, and then her husband, I assume, was done — or maybe because he died early). Non-marriage was a tough option, and then there was dying in childbirth, getting raped and dying in childbirth, blah-blah-blah. A lot of Agnes’ strength (and some of her anger, too) comes from the modern world.

            Which is in such disarray right now. I don’t care what anybody’s politics are. The world is changing dramatically, and a lot of modern contemporary writers are going to find their worlds no longer work unless they are writing short-term historicals (set in 2015). Characters take such strength from their worlds. Not 100 percent (so I can imagine Agnes in a medieval setting without too much difficulty), but still.

          2. One of the many reasons I’m writing alt history and Demon Island. Also, I’m old and I have no idea what’s happening in the real world. I just sit here in the woods with my dogs and think up imaginary worlds that have no Donald Trump or those dickheads who lied to the British about $350 million for the NHS. “Oh, that was a mistake.”

  4. OMG Thank you! I didn’t know she was writing another one! LOVED the first Penric one, and now now how I am spending my afternoon. Well. part of it – it is a novella.

    and why didn’t I hear from Amazon, who is supposed to notify me of these things. Must go check settings.

  5. I own The Spirit Ring in hardcover, having stumbled across it at a used bookstore some time ago, and it had HER name on it, so yes.


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