Sunday Notes

So that iZombie double episode finale. HOW GREAT WAS THAT????

Honestly, it’s as if Person of Interest got stoned and said, “You know what? Screw computers, let’s do zombies. Only we’ll be FUNNY. ABSURDLY FUNNY. And kinda hot with all the hook-ups. And sweet because of the great community. And then tragically sad because good people die. But still SO MUCH FUN. Yeah. Zombies.”

Plus the close knit community:
Gilda: “We all hate my dad, we’ve all seen Major naked.”
Clive: “I haven’t seen Major naked.”

OMG THAT FINALE!!! Also, how good a sport is Rob Thomas to die in a zombie battle like that? Somebody changed his wikipedia page to put in his death date and cause of death (ZOMBIES!). Somebody changed it back, of course, but still. And I loved the zombies singing “Unwell” at the end while they ate his brains. Good times.

Thank god it was renewed.

So where was I? Right, Sunday notes.

Here are the remaining PoI dates after the last season begins again (air dates in parentheses)
May 16: “B.S.O.D.” (May 3), “SNAFU” (May 9), “Truth Be Told”[ (May 10)

May 18: “ShotSeeker”(May 16)

May 26: “6,741” (May 24)

June 2: “The Day the World Went Away” (May 31)

June 9: “Synecdoche” (June 7)

June 16: “.exe” (June 14)

June 23: “Return 0” (June 21)

in other news, I’d forgotten how overloaded my brain gets during first drafts, trying to encompass entire worlds, juggling characters and plot points while the Girls in the Basement send up new stuff. So I crochet. I used to drive, but then I rear-ended somebody while plotting, and now I crochet. (If they ever get those self-driving cars on the road, I am getting one. I could even take notes!) So far since the end of January when I first saw Lucifer and thought, “No, no, not that, this,” I’ve started four sweaters and two afghans and finished two shawls that were fast because they were color experiments (see I CAN finish projects).

Also, goats can weigh up to 175 pounds. Google is my friend.

Speaking of unfinished, there is no WIP this week because I’ve been writing. But there’ll be one next week. I’ve still got the beginning of Lavender’s Blue, and a very bad novella opening called “Ghost of a Chance” and of course the book I’m not writing, now called The Devil in Nita Dodd. It’s not like I’m running low on unfinished books. Or sweaters.

Back to work. Have a good week!

21 thoughts on “Sunday Notes

  1. I loved the iZombie finale and have a new fondness for Rob Thomas the singer. I will miss Rita/Gilda, though. And if they begin a Peyton/Ravi/Blaine triangle, it will be painful to sit through. Blaine is hilarious and a lot of fun to watch while evil, but Ravi is Ravi. How could anyone not choose him?

    I’m glad they finally brought Clive into the fold, because him not knowing was turning him into the worst detective ever. I kept hearing Buffy talking to Joyce in my head: “How many times have you washed blood out of my clothes, and you STILL haven’t figured it out?!”

    1. Ditto about Clive. I am SO relieved he finally knows! This is the week I get ornery about season finales, but I loved everything about iZombie’s.

  2. Ooh, mixed feelings…on the one hand, “no WIP?! waaaaaaaaah!” But if it’s cause you’ve been writing, “yay, she’s writing!”

    Also, and I am apparently channeling my younger tween self, but The Devil in Nita Dodd made me go “teehee.” Cause I know the Devil is an actual person in the book. Which is a romantic comedy. Teehee.

  3. Woo hoo! You’re writing! ?

    I’ve got a busy week anyway and I’m happy to string out reading your wips.

    Happy crocheting!

  4. I, too, am happy to string out the wips.
    OT cherries if you were looking for a male placekeeper who was part American Indian and part French who would you choose?

  5. I was waiting semi-patiently for you to mention the finale because I thought it was fantastic. Rose McIver said somewhere that it was a game changer and she wasn’t exaggerating. I loved the mercs at the end just having a post-battle snack. I was sad that Gilda didn’t join the zombie crew, I thought it would be interesting to see she and Liv have to work together. I felt so bad for Drake’s mom.

    I’m so glad Orphan Black has started.

  6. I like w-i-ps because they’re my only Crusie fix I got. No other drug will substitute.

    I’m becoming one of the grown-ups who doesn’t seem to have time to watch tv even the tv I actually like. I never liked those grownups. Save me.

    Re: previous post on Librarians and related experiences. Kay – please may I use your story as an example for parents of children in my class? And also, what was the distance to that town?

    Off topic(ish):
    Rob Thomas mayv’e got the grammy on his Santana colab “Smooth” but I wish it hadn’t been the first release. It created publicity for Maria to make all the money.

    And Smooth was such a good song that it deserved EVERYTHING, including petals falling from the sky.

  7. When I’m working on a first draft I always become convinced I have Alzheimer’s and I’m heading straight for the nursing home, where I’ll have to wear a diaper and eat mushy peas from a curved plate with a spoon.

    A couple of months ago, after walking out of the house and leaving the stove on all day (twice), I was totally freaking out about it till my husband said, in his best soothing-the-mental-patient voice, “You’re always like this when you’re writing.”

    Which is both a relief and kind of horrifying.

    1. Argh.
      That was s’posed to be a reply to Judy’s question.

      Also, more recent Tahmoh Penikett.

  8. LA LA LA LA! I have my fingers in my ears, I can’t hear you! Actually, I’m just forcing myself to not read this post, since I’m still back on Season One on Netflix. I do love this show.

  9. On another subject entirely, but harking back to a Jenny comment from years ago [on writing to the market…From the San Jose CA newspaper, 4-17-16: …cult-film study “Transvestite Vampire Biker Nuns from Outer Space”…


    1. “Transvestite Vampire Baker Nuns from Outer Space” sounds like something we should all be watching at Nina and Alex’s place. Although Alex really must have graduated film school by now. 😉

  10. (-: I’m glad the crochet works. This also sounds like a grand opportunity for a bus or train trip (if you don’t get motion sickness — I do often when I’m a passenger, especially when I’m reading or writing — but hardly ever when I’m driving).

    Also . . . goats are in the air. I’m not sure why I’ve seen so many goats this week, but there was something about how fraternal groups who became insurance companies would often bond with each other with pranks — sometimes involving goats. Oh, here! Have some random goats. There’s a great picture of some men and their goat mascot.

    A few years ago, I was seeing chickens everywhere. Now it’s goats. I wonder what that means, in the entire scheme of things.


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