The Office Week Three: PROGRESS!

No, really. I managed to swap the bookcase and the library table–both of them heavy mothers and both of them wider than the room so NOT EASY–and get the floor painted when the rest of the boat paint came in. I sorted through the books and put only what I’m currently using on the bookcases. There’s still a lot to do–I had to wait to paint until yesterday when I’d have outside temps of above 50 for more than 24 hours–so progress pictures next week, but as God is my witness, I got a lot done.

And while I was sorting things out in the office, I also sorted things out online, clearing out the Business file in Dropbox and changing my Amazon Smile charity to Planned Parenthood because I have had up to here with damn men trying to take reproductive rights away from women. Also, Elizabeth Warren should live forever and be President someday, but not now because we need her fighting the good fight in Congress. (This is what happens when I’m doing relatively mindless things like building simple boxes and painting everything white: I brood.)

Next week: Please, please please let me finish this room and be done forever. I don’t mind cleaning, but this wrassling furniture around and dealing with oil base paint that takes 24 hours to even approach being dry is not fun, plus it leaves my mind free to wander, and that’s not good either (see tomorrow’s post). OTHO, now I can find things. Huge step forward.

And the floor looks really great, too.

18 thoughts on “The Office Week Three: PROGRESS!

  1. Oy!

    “Leaves mind to wander” means that some other project starts to whisper sweet nothings in your ear.

    I hope not. Apparently I’m tough to buy gifts for. 2017’s banking on You Again.

    I call BS, tho because it is blatantly obvious they just don’t *want* to click on my aMazon [Har!] wishlist)

    Yay on the progress. I made a teeny bit at home and an even teenier bit at work. But it is more than I did in 2 months! I’ll take a place if not a win. 😉

  2. I don’t know how you manage to do all the home improvement with the fur babies there. It’s a chore for me to just get myself organized and working without four legged sidewalk superintendents.

    Looking forward to seeing the pix.

    1. They’re annoyed. They’ve been shut out of the back third of the house which is where my bedroom is, and that’s their favorite part. We spent the night in the guest room. They were not amused.

      1. I didn’t realize dogs could get grumpy about things like this… I know cats do. I’d always imagined dogs as being more ‘go with the flow’ in attitude.

        1. More annoyed than grumpy. Exasperated. I got a lot of “REALLY?” looks when I blocked their access to the back.
          They’re coping. They’re all asleep with me here in the guest bedroom bed. It’s a twin. We’re a little crowded, but if the paint has finally dried, we should be back in the big bed tonight, fingers crossed.

          1. It’s a good thing they’re not huge dogs! That twin bed could get crowded super fast if they were…

            In any case, go you, getting stuff done. Waiting for the “after” photos now!

  3. Impressive, swapping those two heavy, unwieldy furniture pieces. AND painting the floor, good gracious, haven’t you been busy.
    Me too. Tweaked things around, and now the rooms *feel* better. You’re inspiring.

  4. Hurrah (other than the wandering mind :-)). It’s really great when you reach a tipping point and can actually see progress, isn’t it? Looking forward to next week’s pictures.

    1. Seconding that–I’m refabbing my own house, inspired by this example (and the whole “Small Baby” thing, which requires many adjustments).

      Yesterday my husband hang our wedding pictures and said, “Feels good to finally get moved in, doesn’t it?”

      We’ve been in the house five years. ;_;

  5. Fabulous, so glad you’ve made progress. It must feel great to see all of your hard work taking shape. I’ve been a bit of a sloth this week. Apart from getting all the stuff together for the appointment with my accountant tomorrow. So, maybe not too slothful.

  6. Great progress! Hope the paint dries soon and that your bedroom remains well ventilated.

    There’s nothing quite like falling asleep in paint fumes. I did that once and dreamed I shared a pizza with Janis Joplin. Awesome, but kinda funky.

  7. Congratulations! Looking forward to pictures and continuing inspiration.

    I just got home from California, helping our daughter move 300 miles north. She chose not to move her furniture, since it was mainly thrift store finds and Craigslist deals and her grad school roommate’s Couches of Mysterious Origin. Still, that van was packed.

    All you Betties and Argh People and Refabbers who are decluttering–KEEP GOING.

  8. I got my laundry room project mostly done. Yay you for office progress. Kudos for the business stuff, too.
    I have the exact same sentiments about Liz Warren. Thanks to the voters who put her in office for all our sakes.

  9. I finally got the painting done in the main bathroom. It only took 7 years… Up next is my resume (there’s a transfer spot I want at work) and after that is the kitchen floor. They put carpeting in the kitchen and small bathroom rather than fix the flooring. UGH.

    I pulled up most of the carpet up a couple of years ago and March is my time to finish pulling up the rest of it and then pull up the tile that’s there and get something else down. Big party on May 1st so I have a deadline. God help me.


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