The Office: Week Two

Revamping content of blog and website, appalled at all the mistakes and at some of the things I wrote (BOUNDARIES, Jenny).
Struggling with dying computer, praying I can extend its life by plugging it into my monitor.
Dealing with depression over the dent in my credit card bill after ordering replacement laptop.
Trying to cowgirl up and take Wolfie into town for his Last Vet Visit. Still can’t do it.
Laundromat tomorrow for six months of bedding. (I don’t go often, but when I do, I use fourteen dryers. No, that’s not a joke, that’s the count from last time.)
Wondering what the HELL happened to my country that Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are first in line for the Republican nomination for POTUS.
Facing below zero temps this weekend in a cottage that really is not built for that. Upside: Only two days of typing with my hands under the covers.

On the plus side, the hooks Laura Resnick sent me are not only beautiful, they’re perfect for my bedroom.

Summary: The office still looks like hell. Maybe next week.
Going off to drown my tensions in Diet Coke, realizing I am still the luckiest woman I know.

Nothing but good times ahead.