The Office Week Three: PROGRESS!

No, really. I managed to swap the bookcase and the library table–both of them heavy mothers and both of them wider than the room so NOT EASY–and get the floor painted when the rest of the boat paint came in. I sorted through the books and put only what I’m currently using on the bookcases. There’s still a lot to do–I had to wait to paint until yesterday when I’d have outside temps of above 50 for more than 24 hours–so progress pictures next week, but as God is my witness, I got a lot done. Continue reading


I found this fragment of a post in the Argh Vault, a place that is now mostly Cherry Saturday bits scheduled to post on their various weekends. I started this in December of 2014, more than two years ago, but I know exactly why I started it: I’d been there. Continue reading

The Office: Week Three

My big move this week was to clear the floor at the end of the office, the part in front of the couch and the back door, and begin painting there. Except for some reason, I didn’t check the can of Rustoleum White that I picked up. It didn’t go very far and when I finally put my glasses on, I saw that I’d found the only can of boat paint in the house. It looks just like the latex I’d bought except there a very small boat on the label. The good news is, that stuff’ll last. The bad news is, it’s oil based so I can’t put latex over it without a lot of prep. So I ordered four more cans of the stuff (not cheap) and it’s coming on Friday. It takes forever to dry, so I’ll be moving into the front of the house while the floors back here cure. And it has to be done this weekend before the temps get so low again that it’s not above 50 degrees on the back porch.

In other words, I made progress but . . .