Testing, Testing . . . Sex and Violence

I’ve been fighting with the website trying to get PDFs to load and it’s just not working.
Plan B: Load them here and then link to them. So here’s a very old handout so I can see if linking to it works.
Testing . . .


Huh. Why does it work here and not on the website? Off to Google.

16 thoughts on “Testing, Testing . . . Sex and Violence

  1. It’s arrived here safely, if that helps. I’ve stored it for when I’ve actually written my story and am revising it. Thanks.

  2. I can open your PDF using Google Chrome, Firefox, and IE. Perhaps it was a temporary glitch?

    1. I can’t get it up on the website. This is the blog so we can now have PDFS here (YAY), but I’d like to link them on the website. My alternative is to link the website to this blog post which seems like an unnecessary step.

      1. When I was building my site on Squarespace, there was an option for each hyperlink of either an external or an internal file to link to. Perhaps there’s a checkbox or a drop-down menu for this hidden somewhere?

  3. You are such a fantastic instructor. When you talk about story structure (and I sorely miss She Wrote/He Wrote), it makes writing less intimidating and more like an exciting task/adventure to tackle. THANK YOU I love your brain ^^

    1. ‘If it’s perfect, it’s not real’ should be a needlepoint stitched pillow atop everyone’s beds.


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