Wear the Lilac Towel Day

LILACYes, I know it’s also Memorial Day, and that’s important so put a poppy on your towel, but this year wearing the lilac is even more important because it’s our first year without Sir Terry.

We wear the lilac on May 25 in honor of Sir Terry Pratchett, a victim of Alzheimers who refused to become a victim. The lilac comes from Pratchett’s Night Watch novel, but it has become a symbol for fighting the disease.

We wear a towel on May 25 because Douglass Adams told us to in the Hitchhiker’s Guide. It’s the most massively useful thing an interstellar space traveller can have, plus it creates a great impression, hence the expression “That guy really knows where his towel is.”

We wear the poppy on memorial day because of Flanders Fields and because people who don’t remember the devastation of war are compelled to repeat it. We need a LOT MORE POPPIES in the world.

Have a wonderful lilac towel and poppy day.

24 thoughts on “Wear the Lilac Towel Day

  1. Thank you for posting this. I think that the statement “We need a LOT MORE POPPIES in the world,” sums up a lot of what’s wrong with the world.

  2. You are too funny. I’m heading off to the bookstore today in honor of Sir Terry, but maybe a no on the towel. I will however, wear my top that has the lilac colored flowers. Many thanks to all who serve or have served, and to their families.

  3. The poppies are out in the fields at the end of our street. It is always so lovely.

  4. I live in the high desert in CA so we have poppies everywhere and I love them. I did not know about Lilacs and towels so I am now educated. Thank you for enlightening me.

    1. I work in Rancho Mirage, but where I live we have the California Poppies all over the place and I just love them.

  5. My poppies aren’t blooming yet but I have lilacs all over, in many colors (white, lavender, dark purple). I did actually *use* a towel today…does that count?

    Also, I just watched a BBC 2-part version of Pratchett’s The Color of Magic (okay, really it should be The Colour of Magic, but that’s not how the name of the film is spelled on Amazon Prime, in case anyone is looking for it) and it rocked. Only Sir Terry could make Death the hero and get away with it. (Also, Tim Curry and Sean Austin.)

    1. First, I’m jealous your lilacs are still blooming. My bush has just a few left that mostly were blown off it today.

      Second, thanks for the heads up on the BBC show!

  6. I’m wearing my Discworld t-shirt today. It’s from teeturtle.com. I just wish it had lilacs, too. Happy Glorious 25th of May everyone!

  7. I’ve been listening to “Pyramids”, which I hadn’t read in years. It is packed with so many fun ideas and wordplay and images, I had forgotten how great it was.
    I smelled the lilacs today, in honor of Sir Terry, and of life.

    1. I love that story. My fave part is the bread sprouting wheat and the grass growing where he walks. It’s just lovely.

  8. Douglass Adams’ The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul is the Audible book special today. I grabbed it quickly.

    1. I saw that but passed. I felt Adams cheated in that book in how he resolved the ending. I won’t say exactly in case you haven’t read the book yet.

      1. Just realized I goofed that up. It was Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency that I felt Adams cheated with the ending. I think because of that I never actually read Long Dark…


  9. The lilacs are in bloom here, early I might say. I’ve also seen some poppies. Must be the lack of winter here in Minnesota this year.

  10. Well, drat. It’s nearly bedtime & I didn’t see this earlier. At least there’s purple on my Ravens shirt and the towels are in the bathroom. Don’t know where I’ll find poppies this late at night. Haha.

    1. Read Reaper Man. That’s his book.
      Although Susan will forever be my favorite Death story character. The granddaughter of Death in love with the personification of Time and the best teacher/governess who ever picked up a ruler. I love that character.

      1. I will. I bought all of the audio versions available and am working my way through in order. I’ll relisten to them in car rides with my husband as I got impatient and went ahead in the series without him.

  11. Lilac Day was my birthday, but I had no lilacs. So I planted as many poppies as I had seeds for. Ever the optimist. :/

  12. Darn it, I missed it. I also missed May the Fourth (in that I didn’t actually have a pretend lightsaber fight in honor of the Force from Star Wars). They are going to make me give up my nerd card.

  13. I like using your books and Terry Pratchett’s (among others) when I need to cheer up. Early onset Alzheimer’s is scary fast, and differs a lot from person to person, I hope some great researchers can help soon in finding an Alzheimer’s cure, or more treatment options.
    It was sad to lose Sir Terry when he was only 66, but some of the articles mentioned that he was still writing via dictation with the disease-Wow!
    My boyfriend got diagnosed at 62, and after only 3 years a doctor and neurologist both recommended memory care for him. His sense of humor stayed robust, as did his kindness, but watching verbal skills and physical skills decline is tough.
    Here’s to plenty of lilac, towels and poppies for all!

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