Wear the Lilac Towel Day

LILACYes, I know it’s also Memorial Day, and that’s important so put a poppy on your towel, but this year wearing the lilac is even more important because it’s our first year without Sir Terry.

We wear the lilac on May 25 in honor of Sir Terry Pratchett, a victim of Alzheimers who refused to become a victim. The lilac comes from Pratchett’s Night Watch novel, but it has become a symbol for fighting the disease.

We wear a towel on May 25 because Douglass Adams told us to in the Hitchhiker’s Guide. It’s the most massively useful thing an interstellar space traveller can have, plus it creates a great impression, hence the expression “That guy really knows where his towel is.”

We wear the poppy on memorial day because of Flanders Fields and because people who don’t remember the devastation of war are compelled to repeat it. We need a LOT MORE POPPIES in the world.

Have a wonderful lilac towel and poppy day.

RANT: Kingsman

Yes, I’m still working on “Hot Toy,” but something’s been BUGGING me.


Kingsman. Have you seen it? If you’re not squeamish about violence (if you liked Hot Fuzz, for example, and you should), it’s a lot of over-the-top fun. I’ve seen it three times and intend to watch it many times more. Love it. Except for what they do to the good women. Continue reading

Cherry Saturday 5- 2 – 2015

Today is Krissie’s Birthday!
We’re going to Kathy’s for breakfast where we’re going to discuss our books in progress and the possibility of restarting ReFab, now that we’re not suicidal any more. (Krissie’s winter was much worse than mine; mine was much worse that I realized at the time, we’re both fine now or at least not dead yet.) Also I’m having pancakes.
So what’s new with you?