Amy Schumer Is Fabulous. Twice.

I tried watching Amy Schumer’s show once and it was just too . . . I don’t know, it felt like she was trying too hard. But one of her skits just went viral, and it’s so, so good, and a new one just dropped that’s an extremely catchy music video, and now I am officially an Amy Schumer fangirl.

The music video is “Girl, You Don’t Need Make-Up,” a great send-up of the “She doesn’t know she’s beautiful” song that’s always made me crazy, and the viral skit is Josh Charles as a anti-rape football coach in “Football Town Nights.” Just as the bit starts to get old, Charles comes through with an impassioned speech at the end that pretty much nails the whole high school rape debate. (I also love all the arguments people give him on his policy since they pretty much echo the cluelessness of the bottom of the internet). Also check out, Last Fuckable Day, an equally good discussion of the shelf life of actresses in particular and women in general.

Anybody who says humor isn’t a weapon for change hasn’t met Amy Schumer.

(Also apologies for missing Cherry Saturday; by the time I realized I’d missed Saturday, it was Monday. Yes, I will do better.)

9 thoughts on “Amy Schumer Is Fabulous. Twice.

  1. Speaking for myself, I don’t think we noticed that Cherry Saturday wasn’t there because the “Stuff” post was put up on Friday and we all got our weekend fix… (smile)

    I can’t view Comedy Central from here in Germany (they know where I am…) because of licensing issues. However, I will be back in the US for the next two weeks, so I am going to catch up! Loooong list….

  2. I love the make-up one, and I am deeply grateful for the smackdown of the original song. We need the next step though – do what makes YOU happy. The hell with pleasing anyone but yourself in terms of clothes, makeup, hair, career decisions, child-rearing… That opens the door to crazy glitter if you want it, or not. Pretty dresses, strange black goth clothes (I’m thinking of your Alice) or the sturdiest stuff out of the boys department (my daughters).

    Or all of the above, because we contain fucking multitudes, people. Multitudes, I tell you.

  3. My best friend sent me Last Fuckable Day and I laughed so hard I nearly wet myself. Partially because I’ve lost bladder control after kids, but mostly because it was so damned funny. White spiders! Dying.

  4. I absolutely loved the football/rape and Last Fuckable Day skits. I haven’t watched the others yet, but am really just enjoying her. We’re not dedicated enough to watch the whole show, but we’ve decided to start watching her clips on YouTube because she’s just so funny.

    It was great hearing a well-meaning but kind of clueless guy (i.e. doesn’t recognize that the patriarchy exists at all) say a few weeks back when she came up in conversation “I don’t agree with her politics always, but she’s damn funny and has some good points.” I like the idea that she’s reaching an audience whose minds might slowly change because of her humor.

  5. I saw the makeup video going around but watched it just now and OMG, Hilarious! The Sammy Kershaw “She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful” song has always bugged me but I think you’re referring to the boy band version, 1D? which is what this bit is parodying I think. “I missed my father’s funeral to try out for The Voice” OMG LMAO!!!
    I didn’t thing “Last F-able Day” was as funny, but I love all the actresses that are in it and they made a really good point. I need to watch the rape one. The thing about Amy Schumer that I love is that she’s addressing *real* issues and poking fun at “The Man.” Yay! We need more Amy’s!

  6. HAR.

    I love all the women in the Last Fuckable Day skit so much. Dammit, one more thing to watch when I should be writing. Thanks, Jenny. (When my editor asks where my manuscript is, I’m pointing at you.)

  7. I love her and my boyfriend was the one to show me those skits before I found them!!!


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