Faux Druids, Fallen Monks, and Feisty Heroines

The amazing Anne Stuart has two books on sale this month. Faux druids for $1.99. How can you resist?

Anne Stuart has two phenomenal (or so she tells me) books on sale at Amazon for the entire month for $1.99 each. The first is NIGHTFALL, arguably her darkest, best book, and the second is PRINCE OF MAGIC, a historical complete with faux druids, fallen monks, ghosts and a feisty heroine.

7 thoughts on “Faux Druids, Fallen Monks, and Feisty Heroines

    1. She’s had a very rough winter but things are getting better.
      No idea what’s up with the website, and I don’t want to worry her with it now. I’ll make a note of it, though.

  1. Thank you.

    It looked to me like a simple screw up of domain registration expiring and not being renewed.


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