Zo's First Story Retcon Collage

So I haven’t put any more words on paper, but I’ve figured out the major problem with the first story/chapter which was two-fold:
1. Zo wasn’t doing anything except trying to escape with the kids. I need a protagonist with a goal. And now I know how to do that in this story/chapter/whatever.
2. The mood was so grim, and I didn’t know how to lighten it because, hello, somebody’s trying to kill her. So I collaged with the elements I knew were in there, searching for period illustrations for the people, and by George, I think I’ve got it. All the people illustrations are Leyendecker except for one Mucha and one Coleman:

Zo White & the Five Orphants Dr 2

And now back to work. Well, now I make dinner and watch Person of Interest, but THEN back to work.

20 thoughts on “Zo's First Story Retcon Collage

  1. Sounds like a pleasant evening. : )

    I’ve been re-watching “Buffy The Vampire Slayer,” and listening to the Storywonk Dusted podcast. It’s very fun.

  2. (-: It’s happy Thursday here today — I’m very tempted to get KFC and call it a holiday (-:. More festive than chicken and macaroni, anyway.

    So anyway, I wish you and all the Argh-Nation a very happy Thanksgiving. And if you already celebrated Thanksgiving in a different part of autumn, well, then, happy Thanksgiving, the Redux. Very thankful for all of you . . . .

  3. Looking good.
    Hope you get to enjoy some Thanksgiving feast. Off to make the turkey. It’s too hot here. We should be having a picnic or going to the beach. ha ha.

  4. I thought I recognized some of your string work in there – is that the automata you were working on, over on the left? She looks quite fabulous.

    1. Yep, that’s Jane. She’s in my home office right now, (tiny little room for bills and records) but I’ll bring her into the workroom as soon as I start writing her scenes.

  5. I have just wasted…er I mean spent a considerable time following your links and realized how much I had forgotten about the back story for this world. I enjoyed myself thoroughly while doing so. I can’t wait to read the stories when they are ready.

    I have a question, in Cat’s story you have fish flying around in the ruined building, are they, by any chance, mechanical fish like Algie?

    1. No, Algy’s from this world, but not this story. Those are real fish that mutated and are swimming in magic. Algy’s a mechanical fish that was made too close to a magic dump and became sentient.
      Cat’s story also has a crow that talks because he keeps eating magic fish, and . . . never mind. We have a lot of things that aren’t what they’re supposed to be because people get sloppy with where they throw their magic trash. Lots of pollution.

  6. Jenny, do you have a Pinterest with your art work and collages for this book? The images are just amazing.

    Happy Thanksgiving to Argh Nation.

    1. I have book boards for all the WIPs, but I don’t have my stuff on them. Everything I make is in my Revelry database, but it’s not organized by book. Hmmm.


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