Black Friday Needs Good Omens

Black Friday being the clusterfuck it is, don’t leave the house. Settle in with Pratchett and Gaiman’s masterpiece Good Omens, one of the best books ever written by anybody anywhere anytime. (Well, you can’t read it on GOOD Friday, can you?)
And really good news for Brits (jealousy seeps into post), BBC radio will be doing doing a six-parter version which better show up on iTunes damn quick. I’m already upset I can’t get the Suzy Bakes pink Victoria sponge tin over here, and now you have this. Plus your chocolate is miles better than ours. If anybody over there will be listening to this while eating Maltesers and baking Suzy’s sponge, I DON’T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT.

(Actually, I can get the Malteser’s off the net. Ignore my whining.)