Cherry Saturday: 10 25 2014

I almost forgot, it’s World Pasta Day.
Sophia Loren said she owed everything she had to spaghetti. Eat up, people.

17 thoughts on “Cherry Saturday: 10 25 2014

  1. I have been eating pasta for years, and I look nothing like her. I must be eating it wrong. Viva Sophia!

  2. I didn’t know it, but we’re eating spaghetti for lunch!

    …Maybe when I grow up I’ll be as luscious as Sophia…

  3. When I told my friend about Sophia Lauren and World Pasta Day, she texted “Hahaha not fair her pasta went to her boobs, I musta got the ass pasta brand”.

  4. I feel like the wind-I breeze in and I breeze out. Life.

    In RT:

    ****Scorcher reviewfor Heidi Cullinan’s Let it Snow (m/m)

    Coming in January

    Kieran Kramer’s You’re So Fine
    Toni Blake: Love Me if You Dare
    Cynthia D’Alba: Texas Tango

    I know there are typos. I have had one cataract surgery and it messed up my vivion . Will not get straightened out until after the second in November . Ack !

  5. I’m 4 days post-op weight loss surgery and for once in my life pasta doesn’t appeal to me. I don’t know if anything will ever break my desires for pizza though. Fortunately my favorite part of pizza is the sauce and eventually – a long time from now – I’ll be able to have pizza sauce.


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