Oct. 1 Is the New New Year's Day

Okay, Oct. 1 is the new New Year’s Day for me. It used to be Sept. 1 because that was when the school year started and I’ve been involved with one school or another for most of my life, but this year has been particularly insane, so Oct. 1 it is. And my new resolution is to stop scrambling to catch up every damn minute. Life is now, not when I get the house finished or my book done or all my appointments made and kept. And now is pretty great: Fall here is lovely, there’s a new collaboration brewing that’s insane, I figured out how to install my refrigerator, and the dogs just went out and raced through the leaves.

So back to catching up on Argh. I have nine Questionables to answer in the draft folder, the Leverage finale and summing up to do, and a serious buckling down to write which probably means a Twelve Days. Anything else you’d like to talk about? I’m back.