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As you may have noticed, I’ve been taking a blog vacation. Well, really an everything vacation. I didn’t notice, I was just overwhelmed, and then I finally said to myself, “Stop,” and I stopped everything while I found my feet again. This is healthy, although probably annoying, especially to those of you trying following Leverage Sunday. I’ll post a new schedule. Later. In the meantime, I’m giving myself that stillness and calm that Brene Brown talked about last week in the second Gifts of Imperfection course, a course that continues to make me saner by the week. Not sane; it just moves me along the spectrum some. Continue reading

Exploiting You: What Should Go Into A Writing Book

Note: This post has been updated with suggestions from the comments after the first day.

I’m finally getting that oft-talked about writing book together, and I’m working on a plan of organization now so I can take the ten tons of text that I already have, edit it and add to it and generally get this done. (That’s probably a good two years of work right there.) Below is the first draft of my proposal for the book. I emphasize: FIRST DRAFT. So what I need to know is what you would like in a writing book that isn’t specified below, along with whatever you don’t like about this plan. Critique please . . .
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There will be a short delay in the Leverage post; my allergies kicked in, and the only medication that’s keeping me breathing is also keeping me sleeping. Yes, I tried Claritin; doesn’t do a thing for me. Back when I figure out how to stay awake.

True Facts About Science

I was never very good at science. You have to have some focus to do well there, and I was always getting lost in color and shape and story and wandering off. But I can pay attention for four minutes, one of the many reasons I like Ze Frank’s True Facts You Tube series.

Here, watch this one on chameleons. (SpitTake Alert: Do not drink anything while you watch.)

Or if you’d rather, here’s one on the mantis shrimp:

Or this one on the katydid, which is really a conversation between the katydid and evolution. There’s some swearing.

The one on the fruit bat is excellent but dirty (I have a thing for fruit bats because of Pratchett). The one on the land snail is downright pornographic. Okay, most of them are borderline perv. Oh, watch the one about owls. That’s a good one.

Science. Yeah.