Subsequently on Leverage, Season Two

Season Two of Leverage is interesting. Having established the team in Season One, the writers test the community in Two: Nate’s sober and mean, Sophie leaves two-thirds of the way through to find herself, and then Nate starts drinking again and comes undone, leaving the kids to band together to survive. Sophie’s departure was not a production decision: Gina Bellman was gone for six episodes on pregnancy leave, so they did the smartest thing possible and kept her in touch with team through phone calls and Skype, but her loss is felt keenly. It’s an oddly disjointed season, which made analyzing it for community growth a challenge.

Still, I think that testing is important for the growth of any community, just as it is in any relationship. “The Bottle Job” is the episode in which Nate starts drinking again, which means it’s a good one to look at for a community that’s breaking from within, so I’m switching to that for Sunday. I’m also dropping and adding shows to the schedule to give better topics on aspects of community. Apologies for the changes.

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