Multi-Dimensional Story: Writing Across Platforms

Fiveandfour said in the comments to the Arrow post:

I am completely certain it’s possible in the here and now to tell different parts of a story across the platforms of tv, internet, comics, dvd releases, books, what-have-you and have the audience participate in whatever ways they choose and be satisfied and feel they are being told a complete story no matter how little or much they follow each of the platforms. Continue reading

Twitter Fiction: Shorter is Harder

I got to see Eloisa James in NYC last week, the woman who talked me into trying Twitter when we were in Princeton, and she mentioned Twitter Fiction. She sent me a link which I still haven’t clicked on because I went off on my own tangent. One hundred and forty characters including spaces. That is not much time to establish a protagonist and an antagonist in conflict and give them a resolution, but I thought it was intriguing. Then I thought of a way to fudge: Four tweets, one for each act. Then I forgot about it.

Except I kept thinking of ideas. Continue reading