Lani Has A New Book Out!

Our Lani, aka Lucy March, has a new Nodaway Falls book out!

That Touch of Magic

Beautiful, screwed-up Stacy Easter is back and in magical trouble in Lucy March’s follow-up to A Little Night Magic.

“Great writing and characterization flesh out a unique, compelling plot that keeps readers intrigued and emotionally engaged. Touching, sexy and enchanting.” – Kirkus

And here’s your Amazon link.

Questionable: Surprises in the First Draft

Roben wrote:

My question: If in the middle of writing a contemporary romance a secondary character takes on an entirely different demeanor than you intended, and he becomes larger than life, the tone darkens and switches to what could be romantic suspense, do you toss that character out of your relationship/love story or do you go with it and expand his character and go back and foreshadow?

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