Merry Wednesday, Argh

I know you all don’t celebrate Christmas, so I’m trying to be inclusive. Hope your holidays have been and will continue fabulous and your gifts are outrageously wonderful. My best one: a six inch clear plastic Christmas tree filled with eye-searing fuchsia and chartreuse LEDS that burned out about an hour after I got it home, I think because the people who gave it to me kept checking to make sure it worked. When you’re two, three, and five, you worry things will stop working when you stop looking at them. Also the lights were so pretty (direct quote from oldest gift-giver who picked it out with approval from siblings). It’s going to be on my mantel every Christmas from now on. Thank god the LEDs went out.

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Next Who Sunday: The Twelfth Night, Steven Moffat

This year’s Christmas special presents a new Doctor (Christmas presents, get it, GET IT?). “Twelfth Night” closes out the Eleventh Doctor’s run which began with “The Eleventh Hour” (remember fish fingers and custard and the crack in Amy’s wall) and introduces Twelve, so I felt a play on words was appropriate. I have no idea what’s happening here except we’re losing the excellent Matt Smith and gaining the excellent Peter Capaldi, so this should be a very merry episode except that Eleven dies. Man, I hate those regenerations; I’m still mourning Nine and Ten.

Who Sunday: The Day of the Doctor, Steven Moffat


I cannot imagine the pressure Steven Moffat was under with this one. Fifty years of tradition and a world of rabid fans just waiting to be disappointed (largest international telecast of a drama ever). And he did it. For all my bitching about Moffat’s tenure as show runner, he pulled together fifty years of Doctors, giving us amazing moments over and over again. I laughed, I cried, I cheered, it was wonderful. (I can’t remember ever before thinking, “Oh, YES!” at seeing an actor’s eyes for just a few moments: “No, THIRTEEN!” My heart did a fan squee.) He even managed to explain why the three latest Doctors have been so young. And Bad Wolf Rose was fabulous, and John Hurt as the Warrior Doctor and Smith and Tennant sparring (“You kissed a Zygon. I don’t judge.”) I could quibble, but that would be dumb; it’s a great show and it does what every great story does, it turns things around and make them new again. Outstanding job, Mr. Moffat.

And after you’ve watched the masterpiece, check out “The Fiveish Doctors,” the story of how the Doctor actors who were left out of the anniversary special managed to be in it anyway. So much fun.

You Can't Please Everybody . . .


I stole this idea from Stars in Margins, a commenter on io9’s Observation Deck. She’s a librarian, and they use this game as an icebreaker for teen programs, which means it should be right up Argh’s alley. It’s called “Guess the Classic Based On Its One-Star Amazon Review.” I love this game because it pretty much proves that nobody ever made a movie or wrote a book that everybody liked. Also, some reviewers are nuts.

I’ll get you started with one of my faves, reproduced exactly as the writer posted it on Amazon:

“I bought this for my three year old and was shocked to see how violent and filthy it was. The “F” word was used many times and there were many scenes with shooting and death and violence. Terible. By the way, I’m posting my name the way it is so nobody will know my E-mAil address.” (Movie.)

The title?
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