Site To See: Does the Dog Die?

I love io.9 because it tells me so many interesting things, but the most vital link it’s given me lately is to a much-needed movie review site called Does the Dog Die? which mostly consists of one or two line reviews like

Raiders of the Lost Ark: A capuchin monkey that the main characters treat as a pet is killed when it eats poisoned dates. Reggie the pet Burmese python is not harmed but a number of venomous wild snakes are set on fire.

See, that’s the kind of thing you need to know, although I’d have mentioned that the cute monkey was a Nazi spy. Continue reading

The Old Broad in My Pajamas Gets Cake

Sixty-four years ago, something amazing happened: Me. Well, every birth is amazing, I don’t think there was anything special happening with mine in particular (my mother said she’d had worse stomach aches eating green apples which COMPLETELY prepared me for my own twenty-four hours of labor ending in an emergency caesarian twenty-five years later, but I digress) and then some stuff happened and BAM, now I’m sixty-four.

I find this difficult to believe until I remember that I saw the Beatles live on Ed Sullivan. Continue reading