Next Who Sunday: Planet of the Dead, Russell T. Davie & Gareth Roberts

A bus, a jewel thief, and the Doctor walk into a bunch of sand . . .
I could have spent some more time with Christina, at least a couple of episodes, but I’ll take what I can get: She survives in this dimension with her brain intact.
I really do love this episode, and a Davies quote I found in Wikipedia told me why:

Davies described “Planet of the Dead” as “a great big adventure, a little bit Indiana Jones, a little bit Flight of the Phoenix, a little bit Pitch Black.”;the relationship between the Doctor and Christina was influenced by 1960s films such as Charade and Topkapi, which included Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn “being witty and sophisticated together, and then running for their lives”

Why yes, if you put Indiana Jones and Charade together with Doctor Who, I will show up.